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Affirmation Sunday while Blogging with DE

Hello and welcome to the Delux Designs (DE), LLC blog and website!
Each day we host different threads in our Blogging with DE Facebook Group.
Today’s thread is #AffirmationSunday where we affirm positivity into our life to begin a new week.

A fellow blogger and brand that we love is BossBabe Elixir.
They always give more than taking by providing resources for business owners and just overall positive vibes so we decided to highlight their affirmation this week for DE.

Affirm: My time is coming and my blessings are on the way.

Right now, I’ve personally seen a lot of frustration online from either aspiring business owners or those who have just begun their business or service within the last three years. We here at DE know how it feels to absolutely know you have a great idea but it seems like no one else can see it. We know the frustrations of equipment and supply costs and along with the demands of having your products and services available but at a reasonable cost for your target audience. We know the feeling of being stretched and pulled into different directions, trying to be in two places at one time. Our advice for you if this is something you’re dealing with is to stop, relax your jaw line and drop your shoulders. Take a deep breath in and out. Realize that nothing great happens overnight and if it does happen overnight it will fail even quicker so it’s best to take your time. Always trust the process.

Affirmation Action: Repeat to yourself, “My time is coming and my blessings are on the way.”

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