#DEArtMom – About Me

#DEArtMom is a blogging segment of Delux Designs (DE), LLC that was created during the year of 2019. This first began as a way for me to cope with being pregnant during a global health pandemic that we know refer to as either the Coronavirus, or Covid-19. During that time period, things were very scary for me. A lot of sleepless night happened, and a lot of worry concerning me giving birth to a healthy child when there so many that were passing away from the spreading illness. Writing gave me some hope a little as an outlet.

This blogging segmnet has always aimed to provide resources to first time mothers, or just mothers and fathers in general. When I first found out I was pregnant I’m not going to lie I cried a whole lot. Mainly because my hormones were going crazy and I could feel them going crazy but had no control over them, but also because I did not know where to start or the first thing about being a parent let alone raising a whole human being. First place I would rely on for information would be the internet. I figured if I document the success that I have with certain items, services, or ways of doing things as a parent it would help out parents who rely on the internet just like I did as well.

A majority of the content here will be concerning motherhood, but we will have some topics on fatherhood as well from time to time. The reason it’s particular centered around motherhood is because well I am a mother. I can only give my point of view from a mother’s perspective and experience.