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The journey of being an art mom. Featured on this page are everything pertaining to our founder Keara Douglas journey of being an artist along with being a mom.

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When I first found out I was pregnant I knew it was going to be a hard and tough journey naturally, but I never expected it to be anything like it is right now. With me being a brand new, first time mother, I knew I would have a ton of new obstacles to face and come my way. But if you would’ve told me I would be expecting and preparing myself to give birth in the middle of a massive global health pandemic I would probably have laughed at you 8 months ago. Read More



So much has changed all over the world since the global pandemic we now refer to as Covid-19, or the coronavirus, hit us all during the later parts of 2019. From how we shop, to how we dress in public, the changes can be a bit overwhelming to someone who is used to doing things in a certain way for a majority of their lifetime. One major change that is taking place is how soon to be mothers are having to host baby showers with family and friends in a non-traditional way. Read More



Depression - Prepartum

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