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‘Braid Love’ Acrylic Painting

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

Today we have a new painting from our founder and visual artist Keara Douglas. This 12×16 inch acrylic painting is titled Braid Love. It has been created to show a love for the hairstyling method of braiding. It features a lot of detail more to the hairstyle itself than the woman’s face as a main focus and focal point. Braid Love was created on a flat canvas panel using a combination of Anita’s Acrylic Paint from Hobby Lobby and Master’s Touch Acrylic Paint as well. The Canvas Panel itself came from Cheap Joe’s Art Supply in Charlotte, North Carolina. They always have great deals on art surfaces and these work out great for the type of paintings created. They are also already primed for the paints of our choice so it takes some of the work out of prepping so we can get right into creating.

Douglas, Keara. Braid Love. January 2020. 12×16 inch. Acrylic on Canvas Panel.

This original, one of a kind, handmade painting is available for purchase through our affiliate partner Amazon currently. There is only one original painting available, on a first come first served basis, but we do have prints and other printed merchandise available for this piece with our affiliate partner Society6 here.

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