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The DE Foundation is a non-profit founded by Delux Designs (DE), LLC.
Here we promote charity, community service and a helping hand for many different awareness topics and issues in today’s society.

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What Are We About

The DE Foundation About

The DE Foundation is a non-profit centered around acts of service. We encourage and promote positive awareness & charity for, but not limited to, three different topics:

  1. Educational Awareness through back to school supply drive events.
  2. Domestic Violence Awareness against women through educational materials online.
  3. Mental Health Awareness in the African American community through shedding light and opening up from first hand experiences.

So far we have taken aim at bringing awareness to education with multiple back to school supply drives around the Carolinas to provide the tools needed for children to succeed educationally at no cost. We have taken aim at mental health awareness by displaying our own founder’s (@K_DougDE) personal experiences with mental health as a way to begin the conversation on things people in the African American community have either overlooked in the past or would not normally talk about on a regular basis. Our third order of business is providing more resources, tools, and education behind domestic violence against women in our society.

Education Expo

Education Expo is something that began back in 2013 as an online back to school textbook campaign for college students. Our goal was to provide cheaper textbooks for college students through the convenience of the internet. Being a college student at the time, our founder @K_DougDE understood and experienced just how expensive college can get. She noticed a problem with textbooks becoming a second tuition in cost for each semester and wanted to provide an option for others to take advantage of around her. By teaming up with Amazon, she was able to offer textbook rentals and purchases through Education Expo for half the cost than purchasing at a traditional book store. Since then, Education Expo expanded into physical back to school drive events providing free school supplies to school students in grades K-12 and college students in Chester and Spartanburg, South Carolina in collaboration and with the generous help of other non-profits and business owners around the area.

Education Expo2-2


#DEMentalHealthMondays began in 2018 as a weekly campaign for mental health awareness in the African American community. Each Monday of the week we provide tips, facts, and our personal experiences with mental health issues and disorders for the public to take part in for dialogue. We noticed a trend of mental health being ignored and pushed under the rug in the African American community and have provided an outlet online for our subscribers and readers to take part in.


The Purple Crown Project

The Purple Crown Project is a brand new campaign from DE that was founded back in 2011, but is now debuting in 2018 fully. In the beginning, this project and campaign was a dedication to a close family member of our founder’s (@K_DougDE) whose life was tragically taken away due to domestic violence. She wanted to bring awareness to the growing violence against women at the hands of men whom they loved. Since then, The Purple Crown Project is not only a dedication in her family member’s honor, but a way to shed light on her own encounters of being apart of an abusive relationship herself. This part of our non-profit is the most sensitive. This part of our non-profit is the most triggering. But we intend to provide an outlet for women who have been silenced through dialogue, virtual support and physical events.

The Purple Gold Project


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