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#DEArtMom – Discounted Groceries through Instacart

Hello and welcome to the motherhood and parenting blog segment of Delux Designs (DE), LLC that we call #DEArtMom. Here we give tips, resources, and reviews on different things pertaining to mothers and parenting. For today’s post we want to highlight a neat way you can save on your next grocery trip with Instacart.

With me being a pandemic baby mom, naturally after two years of parenting through this health crisis and experiencing a full pregnancy term from the start of it, I have become accustomed to quick ways to shop for the things me and my family need on a regular basis. You rarely catch me shopping in store these days and it’s perfect for me due to the convenience. If you’re like me, you’re in two places at one time most days and time is limited so convenience is everything right now.

The main activity (or chore) time that I have cut in half is grocery shopping thanks to Instacart. This service is so cool. All you have to do is download the Instacart app, create your account, and you can shop at a number of different grocery stores in your area that have Instacart as a delivery and pick up partner.

How to Order Groceries through Instacart

Ordering through Instacart is really easy. You pick which grocery store you would like to shop with that is also in your area and begin shopping by placing each item you’re wanting in your cart. There are areas to place coupon and promo codes, and some accept EBT online. Once you’ve completed your shopping, you have the choice of either doing a pick up order or a delivery. Once you’ve made your selection of either pick up or delivery, your order will be sent to the grocery store where you placed your order and someone there will shop for you. By ordering through the app, you can see when the assigned shopper has found your items and also when they can’t find what you’re wanting. There is a replacement option for grocery items unavailable, or you have the option to request a refund for items that don’t have a replacement that suits your needs. Instacart even has the ability to send you chats in real time to discuss items that may not be available for purchase at the time.

Pick Up vs Delivery with Instacart

I have went with both routes before.
Pick up has always went smoothly, along with delivery.
For me pick up is the better option. Once your assigned shopper is done shopping, you can head over to the local area grocery store, park in the assigned area and spaces for pick up orders, and your Instacart app will notify the store that you’re there and ready for them to bring your items to your car. Pickup option has never cost an additional fee but do check with your local area grocery stores that partner with Instacart to make sure ahead of time.

For delivery, I use it the most out of town. For example, if I’m on vacation with my family and we have rented out a house or condo that provides a kitchen where I can cook, then I’ll do a Instacart delivery order to the local area grocery store closest to us. This is great if we are in an area that we don’t know that well, or if we just want to spend more time together as a family doing fun stuff other than running grocery errands on vacation. Sometimes Instacart even has ways to get free shipping with the delivery option.

Discounted Groceries with Instacart

There are multiple ways of obtaining discounts on your normal day to day or week to week grocery bill with each grocery store listed which we will share here at #DEArtMom when we come across them, but the main way is by using our discount code: KEARAD14A and this link here. You’ll receive $10 USD off your total just for reading our post today!

Have you ever used Instacart before?
Did you like or dislike it?
Leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section below.

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