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#DEArtMom – Planning a Babyshower

Babyshower Digital Illustration designed by @K_DougDE

Whether you are hosting your own, or have a support system to help you, planning your baby shower can be a tough and tiring process just like any other event. From picking out a theme, to setting up your guest list, and even deciding on the food, setting up a baby shower plan can be a lot on a woman who is already overly emotional and vulnerable right now from carrying a human being.

Luckily, through Delux Designs (DE), LLC and our brand new official mommy parenting section of our blog site, #DEArtMom, we are now providing printables to help out with planning your upcoming special day for your bundle of joy.

Check out the new #DEArtMom Babyshower Planning Printable through our affiliate partner Creative Market!

This printable is very easy to use, just click here & purchase the official checklist for just $3 USD, download it to your computer, & print it off to begin planning. It includes all of your basics needed for a babyshower & even has a notes section to help keep everything organized & in one place for you.

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