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#DEArtMom – 13 Hospital Bag Tips

During the third trimester of my pregnancy I was always reminded of how important it was to prepare for my hospital stay to give birth once that time came. Anytime I went into the doctor’s office for a check up my doctor reminded me and anytime I was around any experienced moms this importance was stressed to make sure I had everything I needed and to make sure that I did not take the things that weren’t needed as well. Today’s blog post for the motherhood and parenting segemnt of Delux Designs (DE), LLC that we know as #DEArtMom will be centered around preparing for your hosiptal stay through some tips from my own experience. I will be including some product links throughout my post today just to give you some starting options to go with while you prepare for your baby’s arrival. Through these product links we do receive a commission in the event where a purchase is made through them. All proceeds go torwards our blog operations and maintenance and this is at no additional cost to you.

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Tip #1: Consider the type of bag you’re going to take.

This is more imporatnt than you think. Being able to organize all of your belongings is important here to make sure you have everything you need and to make sure you have enough room to bring additional things back. When you give birth you are given many gifts and items to take home from the hospital so you need somewhere to store these items to navigate out of the hosipital when it’s time to go home.

I would recommend going for a duffle bag. Think of this as a carry on bag for a flight, or that one carry on bag for a bus trip, or an overnight bag for a stay at a friend’s house. This should not be treated as a vacation. It needs to be lightweight but with some inside room. Pockets are preferrable for organizing everything. Also include a small tote or a small clear bag for your personal hygiene items and toiletrees. I would even say to pack maybe one or two plastic grocery bags as well.

Tip #2: Don’t worry about packing underwear.

The first thing I opted to pack was underwear in my hospital bag but surprisingly I never wore any of them. I didn’t opt for the pretty undewear, but those that were bigger in size and made of cotton, specific for maternity wear. I figured they would be comfortable and fit the occassion but they were not needed. When you give birth either through C-Section or naturally through a vaignal birth, there will need to be some time of healing so you won’t be able to wear regular underwear for a couple weeks depending on which route you’re going to take to give birth. For me having to do an emergency C-Section, I don’t think I wore regular underwear until like two to three weeks after giving birth. Your lady parts need time to heal from all of the stress you just placed on them to bring your child into this world so wearing regular underwear is a no go. The bands on them and tightness will cause problems for you. Instead I was given these really light and thin paper underwear. They were very easy to get on which will come handy as well. And they were easy to remove when changing. These will be disposable so you won’t worry about having to wash them, just throw them away once you’ve used them. I would recommend purchasing a couple packs of the disposable postpartum underwear for home after you’ve left the hospital.

Tip #3: Take one or two outfits.

When I say take one or two outfits, I don’t mean two pairs of jeans or a two nice dresses. I mean two lounge wear outfits. Something simple and comfortable for you. Nothing tight at all. You don’t want to wear any tight clothing during this time period.

Tip #4: Pack some thick socks.

This is one that I forgot to pack since I gave birth during the warmer months of the year but I would recommend taking a pair of thick socks regardless of season. Hospitals are made to be cold so of course it will get cold or cool in your room after giving birth, make sure you’re feet are prepared for that.

Tip #5: Take your nursing bra if you’re breastfeeding.

For my future or continuing breastfeeding moms make sure you pack that brand new nursing bra that you just purchased or received during your babyshower.

Tip #6: Pack a mini bag or tote with just for your personal hygiene items.

This would include your toothbrush, toothpaste, body soap, etc. The main items you would use on a daily basis in the mornings to get ready for the day and at night to get ready for bed, those necessities is what I’m referring to here. Not anything that’s optional like perfumes, jewelry, etc. The reason I would advise taking these things with you and in a seperate small tote bag of some sort is because you may need them if you have to stay in the hospital overnight. Having them in their own seperate bag already is great for carrying. Trust me after giving birth the last thing you want to be doing is walking back and forth picking one item out of your bag by one to take to the bathroom.

Tip #7: Pack a discharge outfit.

What I mean by a discharge outfit is one that you would be comfortable wearing when it’s time to leave the hospital. You’ll want something really loose but of course appropriate and stylish if you’d like.

Tip #8: Pack your bonnet.

I can’t stress this enough, pack your bonnet. Or pack whatever hair scarf you would typically use. Me personally if I know there’s a chance that I may have to stay in a hospital and I have the chance to pack beforehand, I go ahead and purchase a brand new hair scarf of the same one I already have that way mine is nice and clean to fresh to use straight out of the pack. Those hospital bed sheets and pillow covers may be clean but it may not be good for your hair if you’re laying on them for an extended amount of time so get you a nice silk or satin scarf to keep your hair clean and healthy throughout your stay.

Tip #9: Add a hair appointment to your hospital bag checklist.

I know this is not typical to include in a hospital bag for the arrival of a newborn child, but for an African American woman like myself this one is just as important as number 7 that we just mentioned. Go ahead and budget in a hair appointment around the time of your due date. Something low maintenance that you won’t have to do much to for at least two to three weeks. The last thing you will be thinking about is maintaining your hair after giving birth and the main thing you will be doing is taking photos after giving birth. Go ahead and get those braids, twists, or low maintenance updo. Remember this is list is not just about your newborn baby, it includes you as well and making sure yourself is taken care of throughout this process is just as important as making sure your newborn is taken care of as well.

Tip #10: Make sure you pack all of your insurance information, any important documentation, and your birthing plan documents if you have of those that may be needed.

This is often forgotten more often than you think. You need to bring your paperwork for your insurance including insurance cards if you have them for file. Birthing plan information can be brought here as well.

Tip #11: Don’t forget your phone charger.

During your third trimester you should keep your phone charged at all times regardless since you’re more prone to go into labor during that trimester than the first two. Espcially towards the end close towards your due date.

Tip #12: Bring those baby blankets.

Remember I mentioned that it gets cold and cool in the hospital earlier in this post? Well that applies for your newborn as well. The hospital will provide blankets but I would recommend bringing one or two with you. They can be used in the hospital and especially leaving the hospital on the ride home.

Tip #13: Go ahead and install your car seat.

Last but definitely not least is your car seat. You should go ahead and learn how to install your car seat into your vehicle before it’s time to give birth. Go ahead and install it and have it in place so when it’s time to leave the hospital your baby is good to go. There is a law and standard that all hospitals go by that if you do not have a car seat for the newborn baby then they will not allow you to leave with him or her so keep that in mind when preparing.

Things You Don’t Need:

  • Large Luggage or Alot of Luggage
  • Perfume
  • Underwear or Panties
  • High Heels
  • Wheelchairs or Walkers
  • Strollers

That pretty much sums up our post today. I have included links below that include a couple items that I purchased for my hospital stay during my pregnancy along with some recommended items from one of our affiliate marketers Target. Feel free to shop directly from this post. I have also created a printable checklist that you can download today below as well.
Hope this helps lighten the load for the arrival of your bundle of joy!

I have set up and created a checklist that you can use while preparing for the birth of your bundle of joy. Feel free to download this checklist today through our affilaite partner Creative Market here.

Have you given birth in a hospital before? What did you include in your hospital bag? Leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section shown below.

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