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Delux Designs (DE), LLC Directory consists of different websites and blogs from business owners, service providers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers from across the world. Check out each business or service pertaining to your needs below in specific categories. More information on joining is provided at the bottom of the page if you would like your company or site added to our growing list.



Why should you join?

Joining the DE Directory will give your business or service a chance to grow among our readers & subscribers. This great, new form of marketing for Delux Designs (DE), LLC could be the game changer you need for expanding your business among new demographics & audiences for potential new subscribers & sales.

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What’s included?

  • One (1) free webpage per directory entry
    • Included with each webpage is a chance to display your business or service to our audience at an affordable cost yearly. You can use your very own webpage to display your content, any items or merchandise you may have for sale, any sales you may have going on, or any upcoming events you would like the public to attend. If you have your own website this is a great way to build traffic to it by providing backlinks to build your SEO and keep a great standing with your Google Analytics.
  • Unlimited blog post coverage per directory member annually
  • Free access to membership only group as a DE Member
    • DE Members are able to use this group to promote their business or service to a special audience. Great way to build lifelong connections.
  • 10% discount on graphic design services per directory member
  • Free directory promotional graphics per directory member
    • All graphics created for directory members can be used as you see fit for your business or service.
  • One (1) free Pinterest Board for promotions per directory member
  • Unlimited promotion through twitter, facebook, pinterest, & instagram

How much is it to join?

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For a small fee of $19.99 USD once per year, you can have your business, service, website or blogs advertised by Delux Designs (DE), LLC for increased sales, views & traffic!

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