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We are back for another television show review for DeluxEdition!
For this review we are focusing on one of my favorite television series from producer and director Tyler Perry on BET Network called Sistas. I’ve been watching this series since it’s beginning and have been hooked ever since. I am currently a couple episodes into the second season of the series and the storyline is beginning to get crazier and crazier each episode. If you haven’t checked out Sista’s on BET yet, please do before reading our blog post today as there will be a lot of spoilers included with today’s post.
Let’s get into it!


KJ Smith Flaunts Close-Up Tasty Bikini Pic, “1000 Jumps a Day”
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Listen, Andi of Sista’s is something else.
Played by actress KJ Smith, Andi is a successful divorce lawyer in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia where she handles divorces among some very wealthy couples. This is a career field that she went to college for that has gained her access to some very intelligent and higher up people of Atlanta, along with a very nice high rise condo where she resides. But she finds herself in some legal trouble of her own throughout the first season when she begins an affair with a wealthy gym owner whom she believes truly loves her and not his own wife in which he has a child with. Why she would think this would be a good route to go romantically even as a divorce lawyer, who knows. Things get very out of hand and the FBI gets involved as her lover’s wife begins divorce proceedings with Andi as her divorce lawyer before finding out about her affair with her own husband. Talk about a full circle and some drama. Andi’s character of the series seems to be extremely book smart and head strong with her career and outer appearance, but she seems to lack common sense when it comes to the men she chooses to give her time and attention to. Oh, I forgot to mention, her wealthy gym owner boyfriend and lover is not the only man that she has run ins with during this show, whew chile. With Andi there is always something major going on in her personal life, I just hope it doesn’t ruin her professional career.


Sistas' Ep. 14 Recap: Dani Has Finally Got A Man! | News | BET
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Dani, played by actress Mignon, is one of my favorite characters of the Sista’s series.
She is very down to earth, yet blunt and upfront and I love it. Dani works at the Atlanta airport and lives in a nice small one bedroom apartment in Atlanta, Georgia. She is one of Andi’s best friends in which they met in college. At first I wasn’t quite sure about her role in the series. She seemed to not fit with the narrative in the very beginning of the first season but after awhile she quickly became a favorite. Her life is pretty simple and she seems to not be as wealthy as Andi but she maintains well for herself. What I love about her role is how it touches on interracial relationships as she is in a relationship with a Caucasian man. From how she acts, this seems to be her first interracial relationship and she’s having a hard time with her own doubts of him due to past experiences with other men. I really hope that her relationship does last and that everything works out for her love life, but we will see what’s to come throughout this second season of the series.


Tyler Perry's Sistas | Why Is Karen Still Interested In Aaron? - YouTube
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Now Karen is another character that just makes me mad sometimes just like Andi’s role in Sista’s.
Played by actress Ebony Obsidian, Karen is a hairstylist and salon owner in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a best friend of Andi and Dani in which they all went to college together. Karen’s character made me mad immediately upon watching the first season. Originally she was living with her now ex-boyfriend and seemed to give him just a terrible time overall about money towards bills but it was understandable of her frustration because he did cheat on her before. That alone breaks a woman’s trust. She eventually puts him out and he ends up crashing with Dani from time to time before he met another woman which we will get to later on in this post. Karen ends up meeting a new lover in which things turn incredibly crazy for her when a suicide is committed by her new lover’s wife …. right in front of her in her own salon. Whew. Yes, you’re probably thinking she has just as much heavy drama as Andi’s love life and to me that is true. They both have had some tough love triangles to get through during both the first and second season so far. Now during the second season she is having some regrets about leaving her ex-boyfriend after watching him make a big come up with the stock market, but she also has her current lover that is basically giving her something to do since she’s not with the man she truly wants at the moment. Right now, it doesn’t seem like she knows what she wants when it comes to men so hopefully she can work that out through this second season.


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Sabrina is played by actress Novi Brown.
She’s the sweet one of the friend group between Andi, Dani and Karen in which she also went to college with the trio of friends. She’s a bank teller and seems to be doing pretty well for herself while living in a nice condo in Atlanta, Georgia. Her love life becomes shaky when she meets a guy in which she believes is too feminine for her liking to the point where she questions his sexuality and whether he is man enough for her. I like her role in this series because her love life touches on homosexuality and the difficulties same sex men have while in a relationship with children. Her love life begins to get a bit rough but not too far out of hand when she begins a situationship with a new co-worker at her job and tries to call it off. He in part doesn’t take too well to it, surprisingly to me, and she ends up firing him which I believe solved that problem but she ends up back with her former lover and the same cycle of doubts just repeat themselves. Hopefully they can work it out, he seems to be a sweet guy and she’s a sweet woman, I think they’re perfect for each other.


Tyler Perry's Sistas Cast Talks Celebrating Diversity On The BET Show |  Cinemablend
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Ok so remember Karen right?
Well Zac, played by actor Devale Ellis, is her ex-boyfriend that we talked about before that she kicked out of her apartment because he couldn’t help with bills due to low funds and pay from his job at the airport with Dani. It seems like Zac and Dani have known each other longer than him and Karen I’m assuming from work. But when he gets kicked out Dani ends up giving him the couch to crash on from time to time. He doesn’t have his own place to stay and doesn’t have transportation other than his bicycle but always manages to make it to work and do a good job at work. In the first season I felt bad for him because he seemed to be making an effort to get back on his feet but Karen just was not hearing that and did not give him any more chances. He had cheated on her before and she was just fed up with him. He ends up meeting a new woman in town who ultimately turns his life around for the better to the point where he gets lucky with the stock market from a stock trading tip of a passenger at the airport and gains everything he ever wanted financially. I can’t wait to see how his relationship turns out with his new girlfriend. They seem like a better fit than him and Karen and she legitimately makes him happy but something seems off with that stock trading tip he received.


Is Greg Really Dead on 'Sistas'? Jasmine Shot Him — but Did He Die?
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Gary, played by actor Chido Nwokocha, is a huge headache I’m just going to be real here.
His role is so manipulative it’s crazy. He is Andi’s lover or boyfriend…or fiance….who knows. He was –or is–married to another woman in Atlanta, Georgia in which they have a child together but was living a whole separate life and relationship with Andi. And yes she did know he was married the entire time and believed he would leave his wife for her…and he did but only once he got caught in his love triangle between the two women. I’ve never seen an episode where he was taking care of his child at all so I’m only assuming he’s not only a trash husband but also a crappy father too so I’m not understanding why Andi would want him and put up with his mess but I guess the heart wants what the heart wants and sometimes we can’t see the problems right in front of us because we are chasing love. Gary was said to be wealthy as he would give Andi quite a lot of money in the first season before the FBI arrested him on suspicion of fraud through his business practices. Even through all the legal problems, Andi still took him back, stood beside him, and they ended up getting engaged, even though he’s legally still married. Now why a lawyer would fall for that who knows but I hope they end up going their separate ways for the sake of her personal mental state and her career.


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Played by actor Brian Jordan Jr., Maurice, is a co-worker of Sabrina’s in Atlanta, Georgia where he lives in a nice two bedroom apartment. He’s a feisty gay man who loves to have a great time with great vibes but has found himself in more than one dangerous situation from those great times. His first altercation was with this local guy who assaulted him for simply being a gay black man. He stood his ground though and defended himself very well, I was proud of that episode. Nobody deserves to be bullied for their sexual preference. I love how his character and that situation shed light on hate crimes against gay black men in today’s society. He ends up recovering well from the attack with the help of Sabrina and his friends from the local area gay club that he regularly attends, but the second dangerous incident happens with someone he meets from that same club that leads to a robbery attempt at the same bank him and Sabrina work at. Maurice’s character in the show is great, he always gives great advice and looks out for his own but I hope his love life doesn’t place him in more danger.


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Calvin is Sabrina’s lover, on and off.
Played by actor Anthony Dalton, he is always in an attempt to win over Sabrina’s heart. So much so that I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode where he was actually working somewhere in this series nor do they show his living situation but it is mentioned when his dad passes away. After the funeral he ends up moving into Maurice’s apartment as a roommate and pays him rent until he can get his own place. Remember I said Sabrina questioned his sexuality right? Well it was questioned because of his nature of being a little more feminine than what she’s used to because he grew up with his dad who himself is gay and married to another man. This is new for Sabrina and ends up being a huge hassle for Calvin overall but he still continues to fight for her heart and quite literally when he ends up in a physical altercation with another one of Sabrina’s co-workers and flings at the bank she works at. Hopefully they can work things out and communication can be improved for them both.


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Aaron, played by actor Kevin A. Walton, is a clean cut man of God who Karen meets and begins a slow but consistent relationship with. When Aaron meets Karen he is separated from his wife and beginning to move on with his life but his wife is not taking that well at all. I never fully got why he was separated from her though, unless I missed an episode that was never explained in the show fully. He seems so put together but he did reveal to Karen that he is as recovering alcoholic and mentor to other men who may be going through some internal struggles. Coincidentally, Karen finds out that he is a mentor to Gary (small world of Atlanta). From watching so far, I think that Aaron is a great fit for Karen but she is definitely still in love with her ex-boyfriend Zac. Hopefully she can work out things with Aaron but we will see.


Sistas' Season 2 Episode 8: When will Andi's dinner air? Fans slam Tyler  Perry for delaying 'popcorn moment' | MEAWW
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Now Fatima is my favorite character role of Sistas on BET right along with Dani!
Her role is played by actress Crystal Renee Hayslett and she is super down to earth. She is highly successful as an assistant of Andi at the law firm in Atlanta. You can tell she does not play around about herself and what she stands for. She helped out Andi during her relationship problems with Gary. Things come full circle when she not only meets Zac but also Karen when ends up doing her hair at her salon after a hot and steamy morning of shower sex with Zac. Her encounter with Zac was sort of crazy as she met him when she hit him with her car while he was riding his bike, he wasn’t hurt though just his bike. After that she helped him into a program where he could make some good money and get back on track with his life. She occasionally provided him with a place to stay which led to them both ending up in a serious relationship. I think she has had a tough past with relationships with men which has led her to being super independent. The only drama that she has had in the show is from a fellow co-worker that just can not get the picture and point that she does not want to be with him. Hopefully it doesn’t ruin her relationship with Zac I think they are great together and could be a total power couple.


Trinity Whiteside on Twitter: "Meet Preston Horace, the “southern  gentleman”.... #SistasOnBET #BET… "
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Preston, played by actor Trinity Whiteside, is the boyfriend of Dani.
I love his role and their relationship in the show because it touches on interracial relationships and the struggles that come with it in today’s society. His family opposes him dating her and feels like she is only after him for his money and inheritance which isn’t true of course. His brothers end up harassing Dani at her job at the airport and things get a little rough in their relationship from that but they end up working things out and Preston moves in with her. He doesn’t seem to have many friends and mainly sticks with himself mostly daily other than when he is at work on his farm outside of the city. He truly has a lot of love and sincere feelings for Dani but with her past of men hurting her she has a big guard up with him. Again this is a relationship I would like to see work out for the best as well.


Sistas' Recap: Season 3 Episode 6
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Last but not least is the beautiful and fine Jacobi!
He is played by actor Skyh Alvester Black, is the other co-worker of Sabrina and Maurice at the bank in Atlanta that we mentioned before. He is completely new and was hired on during the second half of the first season going into the second season of the show. The man is fine, like hard down fine. Completely Sabrina’s type when it comes to looks and masculinity. He directly expresses his feelings for Sabrina upfront and I thought they would begin something beautiful at first but the saying always goes…don’t ever date someone you work with. He seems to be a little pushy about gaining her attention, not really taking no for an answer. They end up going on a date and even end up sexually involved with one another after his constant pressure onto her. You can tell he is not who Sabrina truly wants and it was not something that she truly wanted to do when it comes to the sexual nature between them. I believe she was pressured into it and into giving him attention and she also done it so he would get off of her back along with her trying to get over Calvin. Bad move. Jacobi and Calvin end up in a physical fight in the middle of the bank over Sabrina which led to her ultimately having to fire him because of course you can’t fight your customers that come into your job, you’re supposed to be professional at all times no matter what’s going on with the customer. He doesn’t take this well at all and accuses Sabrine of sexual harassment. Talk about a low blow for Sabrina. Hopefully during the second season he will get the point that it’s over and to move on but I doubt it.

Those are pretty much the main characters of the show but there are a lot more apart of this great production from Tyler Perry. So far we are in the second season so I will have another follow up review once it ends this winter so stay tuned for that. Thanks for reading and visiting DeluxEdition of Delux Designs (DE), LLC today!

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