DeluxEdition – ‘Tales’ is Returning for Season 2!

The hit BET series, Tales, is coming back again in 2018! Its has been confirmed by Irv Gotti himself after he reposted my first article on the series from Blasting News! After the last episode of the first season, I can’t wait to see what is coming up next! All I Need In my opinion,…… Continue reading DeluxEdition – ‘Tales’ is Returning for Season 2!


DeluxEdition – ‘Tales’ by Irv Gotti

Photography provided by BET BET’s newest television series produced and directed by Irv Gotti is the most underrated shows on television right now in my opinion. I first came across this series while listening to music on my Tidal app one day. It just so happened to scroll across my feed as I opened the…… Continue reading DeluxEdition – ‘Tales’ by Irv Gotti


DeluxEdition – The Quad

The Quad is probably one of my third favorite shows on BET. Based around a young freshman class at a fictional college called Georgia Agricultural and Mechanical University, also known as GAMU. This series is based on the drama that goes on throughout the university daily. I began watching it around this time of the…… Continue reading DeluxEdition – The Quad