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When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story original film debuted during 2017 on TV One. It’s about the true events that happened to teen mom turned murderer Falicia Blakely in Atlanta, Georgia back during the early 2000s. Under the influence, or what you would call “spell”, of her then boyfriend, Falicia was pimped out and forced to commit a number of different crimes all under the impression that it meant she was being truly loved. The film was released as a way for Falicia to bring awareness to another side of domestic violence that often goes ignored throughout society.

The Cast

Falicia Blakely

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Played by Niatia Kirkland whom you may know as music artist Lil Mama, FaliciaBlakely is the main character of the original film from TV One. She is currently serving three consecutive life sentences right now as we speak after the events that unfolded during her childhood back in the early 2000s. When Love Kills was created and written by Blakely to not only document what she went through at the hands of an abusive man, but to also show women what could happen if you’re not careful of not only what you do in this world, but who you are associating yourself with as well. The fast life is not always the best life.

Big Dino

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BigDino is played by actor Lance Gross. He represents Falicia’s abusive boyfriend and pimp who in reality goes by the name of Micheal Berry, whom everyone called “Dino” as a nickname. Dino seemed to be nice to her in the beginning while Falicia was working in the strip club. He took care of her, made sure she ate and had rides back and forth to work. He even took care of her child when her child’s father bailed on her. Someone that Falicia would consider her knight in shining armor, the dream man. But things changed over time, especially after he gave her a necklace with a padlock charm on it, symbolizing that she was now his property for keeps.


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Tami Roman plays Falicia’s mom, Stacey. Throughout Falicia’s life, she isn’t really given too much guidance from any adults other than her grandmother whom she lived with for some time as a child. Stacey is seen in the film with multiple different men in and out of her household which makes it hard on her relationship with her daughter. They argue and fuss a lot but seem to love each other more than anything at the end of the day.


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Pumpkin, played by Tiffany Black, represents Falicia’s accomplice and fellow stripper friend Ameshia Ervin. She is also serving time for her involvement in the multiple murders and armed robberies done by the duo, again under orders of Big Dino. Pumpkin was also moving very fast in life and valued getting some money as quickly as possible …. no matter what the consequences were in the end. She rode for Falicia but rode for Dino more than anyone as he provided her with nice things as well. She often stated in the film that, “she had nothing to lose.”

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