DeluxEdition – When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story

Image provided by Giphy When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story original film debuted during 2017 on TV One. It’s about the true events that happened to teen mom turned murderer Falicia Blakely in Atlanta, Georgia back during the early 2000s. Under the influence, or what you would call “spell”, of her then boyfriend, Falicia…… Continue reading DeluxEdition – When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story


#DEMusicBlocks – R. Kelly Request Update

Artwork created by @K_DougDE Due to multiple requests, at least five different ones through various social media messaging, I figured I should address the requests of an R. Kelly based #DEMusicBlocks with a blog post instead of social media posts so everyone subscribed and reading will be notified at the same time. Unfortunately, due to…… Continue reading #DEMusicBlocks – R. Kelly Request Update


DeluxEdition Trending News

Trending News For March 2018 Luke Cage returns for season two this summer! Photography provided by Screengeek Read The untold story of Henrietta Lacks. Digital Illustration created by @K_DougDE Read Atlanta season two came with a bang! Read Marvel’s Black Panther created history for Black History month! Read Looking for a at home job position…… Continue reading DeluxEdition Trending News


Two things we missed in the ‘Atlanta’ Season 2 Premiere!

Photography provided by Giphy Tonight’s second season premiere for Atlanta was dope! At first, things seemed really, really serious. Especially when the two guys were robbing the fast food place that was hustling along with selling food, and the girls got out of the car crying and dripping in blood. I just knew she was…… Continue reading Two things we missed in the ‘Atlanta’ Season 2 Premiere!


DeluxEdition – ‘Tales’ is Returning for Season 2!

The hit BET series, Tales, is coming back again in 2018! Its has been confirmed by Irv Gotti himself after he reposted my first article on the series from Blasting News! After the last episode of the first season, I can’t wait to see what is coming up next! All I Need In my opinion,…… Continue reading DeluxEdition – ‘Tales’ is Returning for Season 2!


#DEBlackHistory – Black Medicine

Digital Illustration by @K_DougDE I was first introduced the book The Immortal Life of  Henrietta Lacks during high school for a summer reading project selection right before my senior year began. Me, being rebellious, wanting to rush right through that last year of high school and move on to college did not really want to take…… Continue reading #DEBlackHistory – Black Medicine


DeluxEdition – The Sinner

Photography provided by Giphy The Sinner touches a lot on Mental Health with a suspenseful and drama approach. Starring Jessica Biel, The Sinner is about a young woman who is a wife and mother, struggling to cope with PTSD and severe depression. Her disorders came from a childhood of traumatic experiences. This is a really…… Continue reading DeluxEdition – The Sinner


DeluxEdition: New Controversial Movie ‘Bright’ Starring Will Smith

Photography Provided By The Verge This new fantasy, action packed movie stars award winning actor Will Smith as Daryl Ward, a LAPD police officer, along with actor Joel Edgerton as Jakoby a LAPD police officer as well. Daryl and Jakoby are partners who handle mainly street crimes like robberies and that sort of thing throughout…… Continue reading DeluxEdition: New Controversial Movie ‘Bright’ Starring Will Smith


DeluxEdition + Blasting News

Join our newest Facebook Group, Delux Edition for all things news worthy including television series and movie reviews along with political viewpoints and debates! We will be posting throughout the year on various topics related to lifestyle for our readers in collaboration with Blasting News! JOIN TODAY! Previous Articles For continuous updates on all artwork,…… Continue reading DeluxEdition + Blasting News


DeluxEdition: Favorite TV Series of 2017 – ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ By Spike Lee

Scene from She’s Gotta Have It My first expectations of She’s Gotta Have It were nothing like the reality of what She’s Gotta Have It really is. I was sort of introduced to this new series by a very good friend of mine in which I have done design work for her some years back,…… Continue reading DeluxEdition: Favorite TV Series of 2017 – ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ By Spike Lee