DeluxHair – Affiliate Spotlight [Poppy Apparel]

Big Announcement!

DeluxHair is now in affiliation with Poppy Apparel!

image11.jpgRose Chiffon Blouse

Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, Poppy Apparel is a beauty based company that provides handmade soaps, essential oils, skin and body products, along with a range of cosmetics. This growing brand was founded by Nadine and Jeff.

About Nadine and Jeff

Poppy Apparel offers a range of great products including trendy clothes and shoes. They also have a range of swimwear for this summer season, along with fashionable accessories. We will be posting great deals and specials, along with new product alerts for you all to enjoy throughout this year.

Use our discount code: deluxds10 for additional discount off of your first purchase today! Happy Shopping!

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