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DE Directory Pinterest Board

If you’re already a member of Blogging with DE, you know today is #PinterestWednesday. In highlight of today’s theme in our new facebook group, check out of our new DE Directory Pinterest Board! Check it Out DE Directory is a great way for artists, entrepreneurs, bloggers and business owners to promote and advertise online. Not… Continue reading DE Directory Pinterest Board

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Fun Day Friday with Girls’ Night In Club

A Newsletter For Women Who’d Rather Stay In Tonight. 🛀 Girls’ Night In provides the best self-care tips and recommendations for your night in, delivered straight to your inbox every Friday AM. Join 100,000+ women who love this cozy corner of the internet. Image Provided by Girls’ Night In Our mission at Girls’ Night In… Continue reading Fun Day Friday with Girls’ Night In Club

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Affiliate Spotlight – Airbnb

Big Announcement! We are now affiliated with Airbnb! My personal experience with Airbnb has been great for me so far so I am so excited to begin this partnership with the brand for some upcoming events for DE! I have not been a lifelong, years worth of time user of the program, but so far… Continue reading Affiliate Spotlight – Airbnb

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Content Sponsorship Contracts with Businessese

It’s one of the first steps from taking your hobby to a true online business — accepting a sponsored project with a brand, public relations agency or company! But once the excitement wears off, you probably realize that you need to make it official. Our affiliate partner Businessese’s sponsored content template is simple, easy to… Continue reading Content Sponsorship Contracts with Businessese

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Affiliate Spotlight – VIDA

  Big Announcement! We are now affiliated with VIDA! Our new storefront is now open with new merchandise featuring our latest paintings! VIDA has been around for some time now, allowing artists from all over the world transform their paintings and drawings in to merchandise for the home and even some you can wear. This allows more… Continue reading Affiliate Spotlight – VIDA