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I have been asked on numerous occasions if I co-wash or pre-poo my hair on a regular basis. At first, I would always say no but deep down I had no idea what the difference between co-washing and pre-pooing even was to begin with. For a while, I thought that they both meant the same thing which I learned is not true after about 2 years into my natural hair journey.

Conditioner Washing: when you use conditioner as a substitute for shampoo to cleanse your curls; also known as co-wash, cowash, c/w, and co wash.

Me, personally, I’m not a big fan of co-washing, especially not in the winter time. I have tried it out before after a day at the pool during the summertime right before I washed my hair with shampoo, but that’s about it. This will probably change as I get further down my natural hair journey.

Pre-Poo: when you use an oil treatment on your hair before shampoo and conditioning.

Now, pre-pooing is something I prefer for my hair from time to time. I mainly only do these type of treatments during the colder months when my hair is really, really dry and brittle. This style of treatment contains mainly a combination of different oils along with some kitchen produce from time to time.

Do you prefer to co-wash or pre-poo? How often do you do either one? I would love to hear/read your thoughts on co-washing and pre-pooing, and how it has helped you on your natural journey in our comment section below.

Co-Washing with Naturally Curly


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