Natural Hair Journey – March 2017 to November 2017

Hello naturalists! Welcome back to DeluxHair for another update on my natural hair journey! So the last post where I gave everyone the background on the beginning of my journey and how I ended up going natural with my hair. Picking up from where we left off in March of 2017, things have really really…… Continue reading Natural Hair Journey – March 2017 to November 2017


DeluxHair – Form Beauty Supply Giveaway!

Get What You Deserve: A 1-Year Supply of FORM! Tired of spending hours scouring retail shelves for products made for your texture? Disappointed by leave-ins and cleansers and stylers that do literally nothing for your curls? Get the moisture, softness, strength, and hydration you deserve with a year supply of FORM! From October 23rd to…… Continue reading DeluxHair – Form Beauty Supply Giveaway!


DeluxHair – Edge Control Scavenger Hunt

The biggest headache I have had with my natural hair is finding a descent edge control product to use. With me having 4A + 4C curl pattern, it is very hard keeping my edges down and laying perfectly still how I always want them. My edges are a bigger problem during the summer time than…… Continue reading DeluxHair – Edge Control Scavenger Hunt


DeluxHair – Flawless Fans Rewards

Flawless Hair by award winning actress Gabrielle Union, has been my addiction for these last couple of weeks. I have fallen in love with the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner more than my other products apart of my collection, and have even referred other natural ladies to use the brand new product line as well. But…… Continue reading DeluxHair – Flawless Fans Rewards


DeluxHair – Shrinkage: Black Hair Magic

Hello Everyone! Welcome back, today’s topic is shrinkage. While I had relaxed hair, I never knew what hair shrinkage was. Due to me faithfully going and getting my relaxers on time throughout the year, I hardly ever seen the natural state of my hair. Every time I would see what you call new growth on…… Continue reading DeluxHair – Shrinkage: Black Hair Magic


DeluxHair – LCO & LOC Methods

The LCO and LOC methods are two of the most important parts of being a curly natural. These methods are basically how you apply products to your natural hair for either moisturizing or during your wash routine. Both consists of the three things listed below: Liquid Conditioner Oil The liquid would be water, the conditioner…… Continue reading DeluxHair – LCO & LOC Methods


DeluxHair – 100+ Followers on Instagram

Thank you to everyone for your support and for following my natural hair journey this far! We have now hit more than 100 followers on Instagram! I know some may think this is nothing, but to me it means the world that so many have decided to join me on my natural hair journey! Follow…… Continue reading DeluxHair – 100+ Followers on Instagram


DeluxHair – Affiliate Spotlight [Perfect Locks]

22′ – 30′ Inch Virgin Weaves 3 Textures | Machine | Hand Tied We are all about natural radiance with our uber-pure Virgin Indian hair weave. It features natural, untouched tresses with beautiful off-black and dark brown tones because nothing’s more gorgeous than finding a look that’s true to you. Available in natural straight, wavy,…… Continue reading DeluxHair – Affiliate Spotlight [Perfect Locks]