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Hello Naturalistas!

I am back again with another product review from a new hair care line that was introduced to me this year called Influance Hair Care.

The products that I purchased from Influance Hair Care line includes the Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, Firm Holding Spray, Oil Sheen Conditioning Spray, Its Natural Natural Oil, Its Natural Growth Creme, S3 Serum, It’s Natural Honey Almond Leave In Conditioner and the Moisture Lock with Shea Butter. For the style of choice, I chose a half up, half down 10 minute 100% protective style that I found on YouTube from one of my favorite natural hair care vloggers The Chic Natural. All products were used for this style, but the Oil Sheen Conditioning Spray.


Steps To Achieving This Half Up, Half Down Style

  1. I began by of course washing my hair with the Hydrating Shampoo, along with conditioning right after with the Hydrating Conditioner.
  2. Second step after rinsing the conditioner, I sprayed on the It’s Natural Honey Almond Leave in Conditioner and began detangling with my wide tooth comb while it was wet. With this particular leave in, I had to be very delicate with detangling by starting with my ends and then working my way up towards my roots. For me, this is not a favorable leave in, I’m more used to those thick creamy leave in conditioners versus the thin sprays.
  3. Once detangling was done and my hair was divided into 6 different sections, I applied the Its Natural Growth Creme moisturizer. Loved the smell of this product. Once the moisturizer was applied from the roots to the ends of each section, I then applied the It’s Natural Natural Oil to lock in the moisture. It wasn’t too greasy or not oily enough, but just that perfect medium for my hair.
  4. For the fourth step, I divided my hair from ear to ear so I had two sections, one in the front and one in the back. The back section was a little larger than the front. I think twisted the back down going straight back, leaving the front out and loose. You can check out how I did this from The Chic Natural’s tutorial shown here.
  5. Next, I brought that front section up into a high bun using Hicks Edge Control and my Eco Styler Gel with Olive Oil to slick my edges back and hold the bun in place. I also applied a little of the S3 Serum for a little shine to the twists at the back and the bun at the front.
  6. My half wig was then applied over the twists at the back. Any type of wig can be used for this particular style but I chose a short curly one to match my natural texture style. My wig of choice also has combs in the inside of it for easier attachment and placement.
  7. This was the tricky yet simple part. I grabbed some of the hair from right behind my bun and wrapped it around my bun so the hair texture would match, and pinned it down with my bobby pins. A little of the Firm Holding Spray was used on the front bun as well but this optional for you. I only used it because I was attending a cookout for the 4th of July holiday and wanted to make sure my edges did not curl back up due to the high humidity down here in South Carolina during this time of the year.

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