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Today’s topic for DeluxHair is Hair Types.

It is very important to know which hair type you have while on your natural hair journey. When I first began my natural journey years ago, I thought that everyone’s natural hair was the same, course or kinky. I did not realize the many different types of hair there were until I began to do my own research on it.

The first step I made was figuring out what my own hair type was and how it is supposed to be managed in order to grow my hair out and also for retaining length along my journey. I learned that I have 4C + 4A hair, meaning it is a mixture of both. Yes your hair can be more than one hair type, some naturals have more than two types of hair. Your hair type is basically based on genetics, or what you were born with, so it won’t be the same as everyone else. There may be similarities, but everyone’s hair is completely different from one another. A majority of my hair is 4C, while my edges around the front of my head are 4A.

Let’s take a look at the differences between the 6 different hair types and some ways of managing each one while on your natural hair journey below:

  1. 3A – Loose Curls
    • This particular hair type forms a loopy “S” curl pattern that are springy curls. This is the hair type that can easily be straightened but prone to frizz and heat damage at times. The scrunch method is great for this curl type after applying your hair products to wet hair.
  2. 3B – Spiral Curls
    • This hair type is similar to 3A, but has a lot more volume, even though it is not as naturally shiny as 3A hair. It has a course and dense hair texture as well. This curl type often grows downward towards your shoulders in a spiral shape, instead of growing outward from your head at your roots. Styles hold better with this type when done on soaking wet hair.
  3. 3C – Corkscrew Curls
    • This hair type is very high in density and a lot more course than 3A and 3B hair types, which results in way more volume making it the thickest of hair types. The texture is fine and curls tend to be tightly packed.
  4. 4A – Kinky Curls
    • This hair type is tightly coiled curls with the same “S” curl pattern as 3A hair. The curl pattern is easier to spot that the other hair types, as it has more natural moisture to it. It has a wiry or fine texture to it with results in it being more fragile with a higher density. This particular hair type is easy to damage if not handled correctly and gently. Wash and Go’s work well with this hair type.
  5. 4B – Tight Kinky Curls
    • This hair type has a “Z” curl pattern that is less defined. This hair type does not curl or coil like the others, but instead bends with sharp corners to create the Z shape. This hair type has a wiry feel to it, which it becomes more tightly coiled. It ranges from fine to very dense depending on genetics and the person. This is that type of hair that is well known for its shrinkage more than any of the other hair types. You may think your hair extremely short, not realizing that it has the ability to shrink at 75% of its actual hair length. Even though, some hate this hair type since it has been stereotyped to be nappy, it is the more versatile of all types. You can pretty much do anything with it and style is in a range of styles on your journey.
  6. 4C – Dense Kinky Curls
    • This particular hair type is also stereotyped as nappy as well along with 4B hair as it is the hardest to detangle. It will not clump together to produce a defined curl without some sort of styling products. It also ranges from fine to very dense, course hair. It can be hard to differentiate between 4B hair since they look so much alike. Only difference is the curls for this hair type are way more packed together and have less definition. It can also shrink to 75% of its actual length.

What’s Your Hair Type? Leave a comment in our comment section below letting us know what hair type you are apart of and how you manage your curl pattern.

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