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Hey everyone! As promised in my previous product haul, I am here with a product review for Organic Root Simulator’s Monoi Oil product line. Organic Root Simulator, or ORS, is one of my favorite hair product companies. I used it the most while relaxed. My relaxer of choice was even Organic Root Simulator so it’s a brand that I trust the most. Since removing all relaxer products from my hair routine and joining the no heat for a year hair challenge, I still often use their products as well as others, especially for my scalp more than anything. Their products for my scalp are used more during the colder months for me though, so I’ll do another product review for those later on this year. For this product review I decided to do a twist out since I had not done one in a while. The image on the left is a picture of my very first twist out results in January of 2016. The image on the right is doing a twist out using Monoi Oil from February of 2017.

ORS Monoi Oil Product Line

The Monoi Oil was completely new to me even though I have used other product lines from ORS, including Olive Oil. Even the actual Monoi type of oil itself was a new oil for me to use on my hair. Monoi Oil is also known as Monoi Tiare Tahiti. It is a french Tahitian, one oil version from coconut oil. The very first thing that attracted me to this product was the thickness of it. Most products that I have tried before are often too thin, this line was perfect, especially for a defined twist out. Twists weren’t my choice of styling until last year once my hair starting picking up some length to it. My ends were also too heat damaged for the particular style before. I did not have to use a lot of the product, and it spread very evenly. I loved using this product because it didn’t make my hair too oily and there was no product buildup after a week of styling. My curls were bouncy and super defined as well.


The Twist Out was done by parting my hair into small sections, while also applying the leave in conditioner while the hair was wet. I then split those same sections of hair into two pieces. I then twisted those two pieces together from the root to the ends. I left each twist hang without anything on the ends like rollers for example, and then placed a satin bonnet over my twists overnight. That next morning I removed the bonnet and untwisted each twist starting from the ends and working my way up to my roots. Below is a picture of the same twist out style after day 3. My ends ended up curling on their own after a couple sprays of water mixed with the Monoi Oil Leave In Conditioner so I was able to do a high puff as a second style. I would highly recommend this product if you don’t like a heavy product build up on your hair, and don’t typically use many products on your hair at one time. I never had to add any additional products, just the shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner, along with some water.

2017 | high puff | Natural Hairstyle

Leave your comments below if you have any thoughts or suggestions, or your own experiences while using ORS Monoi Oil products. Thanks so much for reading! All products mentioned have been listed below for your reference!

ORS Monoi Oil Conditioner
ORS Monoi Oil Leave In Conditioner
ORS Monoi Oil Shampoo

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