DeluxHair – Product Review for Cantu Leave In Hair Repair Treatment

Hello everyone! KD (@K_DougDE) of DeluxHair here again with another product review! Today’s product spotlight is from one of my favorite product lines, Cantu! I started using this line while relaxed a majority of the time. It worked really well and the price of it isn’t that bad, so this was one main leave in conditioner that I always stuck with. Even now that I’m fully natural, I still use it, almost daily. Unlike all of my previous product reviews where we focused on a group of products from one brand, this one will just focus on the Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream. This is one of those Staple natural hair products I mentioned in a previous post, meaning it is always used 98% of the time. I purchase mine from one of our affiliates, Target, every month, or whenever I run out, because I’m often able to get it at a discounted price from using the Cartwheel App.

The fact that it works really well, along with it being in a container and not a tube where you have to squeeze the product out are two major factors in why I continue to use it more often than others. It’s not too thick but not too thin when it’s applied to wet hair. I’ve also never had a problem with flakes forming overtime while my hair is drying. One thing I do recommend is using an oil with this product. I have found that overtime, maybe after two days or so, if I use it and don’t add in an oil with it my scalp becomes dry. I always make sue now that I mix in a little of either tea tree oil or coconut oil, while my hair is wet it works better for me.


Fresh Flat Twists + Twist Out After using Cantu Leave – In Hair Repair Treatment

If you have used this particular product before, let us know how your experience went by commenting in our comment section below. If you prefer another brand of leave in conditioner, let us know what you prefer as well. Thanks for reading everyone, happy blogging!

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