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Hello everyone! DeluxHair here again for another product review! Today’s product spotlight is from a new product line from one of my favorite movie actress Gabrielle Union called Flawless Hair! I first heard about this new line through Instagram and decided to try it out for myself. I purchased mine from Ulta and automatically loved the packaging design of it. The tall bottles made it easy for me to use the product, and the colors for the line are very nice, they really catch your attention while shopping.


Results From Using Flawless U By Gabrielle Union


The only products that I ended up purchasing from this line include the shampoo and conditioner for two reasons: 1.) The prices are extremely too high and 2.) This a brand new line of hair products for me completely. One bottle of shampoo and conditioner cost $80 not including taxes and fees alone, so there was no way for me to even afford to purchase anything else from the line lol, just keeping things all the way honest here. I’m not used to purchasing any hair products for over $10 per item. But I did catch these on sale for 50% off at Ulta so I decided to at least give the shampoo and conditioner a try. For my second reasoning, this is a new line for me so I did not want to spend an arm and a leg on them and then they turn out to be a disaster of a product. I would highly recommend this line of product adapt the sample system where we can purchase some of the products for sample prices less than $5 in sample packets before actually purchasing the main product sizes.I did find a Rewards Program to help with cutting costs for the line, check it out here for more information. They send out coupons and special discounted prices to your email, and you even gain points with every purchase towards FREE items from time to time.

With me being on this no heat challenge right now, I found my limited to the amount of products suitable for me at the time which are the shampoo, conditioner, hair repair masque, oil treatment, and edge controller. Everything else that I found from the line were mainly for straight naturals, so I may come back to this line once I begin to apply heat to my hair again later on this year. But above all, it was a great experience with just the two products. I did not have to use a lot of product especially with the shampoo which I loved! It saves on me running out of it quickly and having to purchase more. It left my hair with that squeaky clean feeling. My hair also did not shed at all with this line which surprised me. The conditioner was amazing, smelled amazing and left my hair feeling amazing after my wash routine.

Style: Flat Twists + Bantu Knots

Shown above are some images from my flat twists + bantu knot style that I decided to go with for this product review. I washed and conditioned my hair with Flawless Hair. Afterwards, I applied my Cantu Leave in Conditioner Cream from my roots to ends while detangling, and began to section off my hair into small pieces. Next I applied my Shea Moisture Virgin Coconut Oil to my scalp, and used my new Taliah Waajid Curling “Gello” to my hair strands. I made sure to not use too much of the curling gel to my hair, I have found that when you apply too much of this product, it leaves a white tacky film residue. I also made sure to just apply it to more of the ends of my hair and to not get it on my hair scalp. This is a hair gel not a hair moisturizer so it should not be applied to your scalp. Then, I began to twist my hair into knots and left them in overnight with a satin bonnet to dry. Check out this video on how to create bantu knots with Daye La Soul if you are unfamiliar with this style, she has basically taught me how to do it  virtually.

If you have used this line before, let us know how your experience went by commenting in our comment section below. Thanks for reading everyone, happy blogging!

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