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As you may already know and have noticed, Instagram has caused a lot of disruptions today for all business owners who are faithful users of the popular link site linktr.ee website. This morning, when I woke up, I was very disappointed to see that Instagram had disabled our accounts with no warning.

Just to get everyone up to speed whom may also be business owners and influencers on the social media site, if you have any linktr.ee links in your bios, your instagram accounts may be disabled today. That means you can’t comment, you can’t post anything, you can’t even accept new followers or follow others. Why they did this with NO warning to Instagram users? Who knows. Was this done by Instagram or Linktr.ee? Who knows. Again, not explanation has been emailed or messaged to users so we can only assume that this is a permanent change just like the other changes that have been happening with the website over the last couple months this year.

The Solution

A solution for us here at DE, which seems to be the best one so far, is that we created our own link for Instagram similar to linktr.ee.

To Do This:

  1. Set up a new page on your blog or website with only links to what you would like your instagram followers directed to.
    Click here for an example.
  2. Once you’ve set up your new page, place the link to your new page in the bio of your instagram page.
    And you’re done!

Going this route as a solution has many benefits including having more control over what your followers see through your instagram pages, more creativity for free compared to having to pay for customized pages with our websites, and most importantly you won’t have to worry about switching links over and over again on each of your instagram pages every time something like this happens that’s not in your control with Instagram in the future.

I know it is very frustrating to go through so many changes when it comes to these social media websites, and it is also very disappointing when each social media website keeps making changes with no prior warning or indications sent over to us beforehand.

We hope this helps!

Feel free to leave any other solutions you may find or alternative website links similar to linktr.ee below in our comment section! We would love to know how everyone is adjusting to this sudden problem with Instagram.
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