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Since August has already begun, I started my month off by taking part in a journal activity/challenge created by @MELLiEPiNK and @tamekachristmas called She Heals. This is a 31 Day Self Healing Journal Challenge for women where you respond to specific topics either in a physical form of your own, or with an online journal form. It promotes transparency for your readers, along with helping you towards healing yourself of any negative energy you may have.

Begin Your Journal Today!
To join this activity for the next 31 days, all you need is a fresh journal, something you have not already wrote inside or a small binder with loose leaf paper for you to write on. Along with your writing surface, of course you’re going to need a writing utensil whether it be a pencil or your favorite colored pen. If you are going the online route, you are going to need a blog of some sort. This can be WordPress, Tumblr, Instagram, or another of your choice. Leave your links in the comment section below if you are going the online route for the next 31 days. I would love to subscribe to your site and keep up with your activity progress, and connect with our readers who are participating in this activity right along with us as well.
Journal Prompts Can Be Found Here

This activity is super convenient for me right now. A majority of the time I am in front of my computer so I don’t really have time for physical journals right now unless I have already cut a set time period out of my schedule for it. This is going to help a lot! You should join us as well by following along with my posts daily for the next 31 days. All of my entries will be posted under the #31DaysSheHeals tab under our Navigation on the right hand side of the homepage. This will be an online journal activity for us but you can complete yours with a physical journal as well as instructed above, whichever works best for you and your healing process. Happy blogging everyone, can’t wait to read your entries!
Aug 01 – Aug 31

For More Information and to Join The Fun
She Heals 31 Day Challenge


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    1. This is actually from a year ago with another blogger, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind if you participated in their blog segment.

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