Stuck in Those 20 Somethings

Have you ever just felt stuck? Like everything you’re doing is just not going anywhere, or anywhere that you believe it is supposed to go? Like you’re stuck in those 20 somethings where you have come to a crossroad of deciding what exactly it is that you would like to do with your life?Stuck in Them 20 Somethings

Well I have on multiple occasions. I think that recording artist SZA hit this on the head when she released her new song on her new album CTRL titled, 20 Somethings. Growing up I believed that nothing could stop me from being the person I needed to be. I believed that my plans were set in stone if I prayed about them daily and expressed to God through prayer that this was something that I wanted to do. But I was also constantly told that if you want to make the Lord laugh, tell him your own plans for your life. If you have had this feeling before or are going through this right now in life while in your 20’s, check out my new article blog feature at The Girlfriend Lounge right now called Stuck In Those 20 Somethings!

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