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The DE Foundation – About Us

A couple weeks ago, we debuted The DE Foundation for our readers and subscribers. Today we are back to give some background on our organization and what we are about. The idea of setting up a non-profit for Delux Designs (DE), LLC is not a new concept for us. This idea and goal has been…… Continue reading The DE Foundation – About Us


DeluxEdition – The Sinner (Season 2)

Image provided by My Fantasy Sports Talk Season two of The Sinner is here! The first season was full of the most traumatic and dramatic scenes and content, we can only assume this season will be just as full if not better! We enjoyed the highlights of mental heath issues among society in the first episodes…… Continue reading DeluxEdition – The Sinner (Season 2)


#DEMentalHealthMondays – How to Help Someone Suffering from Depression

Image provided by Giphy Growing up, for me personally, finding help after I was diagnosed with depression was the hardest part of my condition. Most think suffering in silence is the hardest part, in which I have read other’s articles online and have had conversations with others to which it was, but for me that…… Continue reading #DEMentalHealthMondays – How to Help Someone Suffering from Depression


#DEMentalHealthMondays – Black Men Your Mental Health Matters Too

Photography provided by PAVE UW-Madison I have been itching to touch on this subject for some time now. Lately, I have noticed so many different mental health awareness events and websites and that sort of thing increase online and offline which is amazing overall for more awareness on this subject, but I also noticed that…… Continue reading #DEMentalHealthMondays – Black Men Your Mental Health Matters Too


#MentalHealthMondays – Emotional Abuse

Today’s topic for #MentalHealthMondays is the effects of emotional abuse on an individual’s mental health. Most of the time when we as people hear the term abuse we automatically think of physical altercations of some form, which is true but abuse includes many other different forms that often go overlooked or passed off as just the norm.…… Continue reading #MentalHealthMondays – Emotional Abuse


DeluxEdition – The Sinner

Photography provided by Giphy The Sinner touches a lot on Mental Health with a suspenseful and drama approach. Starring Jessica Biel, The Sinner is about a young woman who is a wife and mother, struggling to cope with PTSD and severe depression. Her disorders came from a childhood of traumatic experiences. This is a really…… Continue reading DeluxEdition – The Sinner


#DEMentalHealthMondays – JOYDayMovement

#DEMentalHealthMondays is a new mental health awareness segment of Delux Designs (DE), LLC that provides more resources, experiences and information on mental health awareness in the African American community. Some articles posted are from firsthand experiences, some are from professional viewpoints on the topic as a whole, and others are from fellow bloggers and organizations…… Continue reading #DEMentalHealthMondays – JOYDayMovement