#The100DayProject – Day 70-81

Hello everyone! We are now at Day 70-81, only a couple more weeks before Day 100! Today’s artwork addition to #The100DayProject is a new addition to our Society6 store featuring a previous #DEMusicBlock! Listed below are the remaining artwork pieces that are available from our previous days of #The100DayProject including unlimited prints available for some of our digital pieces created.

Day 70-81: Andre 3000 Collection

We are back with another collection from our Society6 store featuring our Andre 3000 #DEMusicBlock! Check out what is available for purchase right now by scrolling below. The original mixed media painting of legendary music artist and producer Andre 3000 has already been sold earlier this year to our fellow artist, and one of our #DEArTalk featured artist Miss Jenean!

  1. Andre 3000 Comforter
    Andre 3000
  2. Andre 3000 Stationary
  3. Andre 3000 Carry All Pouch
    Andre 3000
  4. Andre 3000 Iphone/Ipod Case
    Andre 3000
  5. Andre 3000 Tote Bag
  6. Andre 3000 Throw Pillow
    Andre 3000
  7. Andre 3000 Mug
    Andre 3000
  8. Andre 3000 Wall Clock
    Andre 3000
  9. Andre Framed Art Print
    Andre 3000
  10. Andre 3000 Shower Curtain
    Andre 3000
  11. Andre 3000 Metal Travel Mug
  12. Andre 3000 Wall Tapestry

    For more information on purchasing any of the merchandise and artwork above, or even for purchasing the entire collection, click this link. Thank you to everyone for your support on our art journey! To follow our progress until July 12, 2017, follow us on Instagram [@deluxds]!

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