#WeBeGrateful: Day 4


Day 4: Write about three service people that you are grateful for or write an ode to one of them?

A4: Three service people that I am grateful for include Allison Marshall from Wonderlass, Milly Vanderwood of The SAND Gallery, and Ariana Nicole. Allison has helped me out a lot this year by providing many different resources for maintaining my business and blog site expense free. I often go onto her website and just scroll through the different topics given, improving on things that relate to my site. With her help, I was able to provide better content for my readers along with improving on template designs for each post. Milly Vanderwood is my second choice because he gave a sista a chance to be featured in an actual art gallery. Any artist, or fine artist, out there knows how hard it is to get that very first feature, especially if you’re a woman of color. Our opportunities become limited for some reason from time to time. Before The SAND Gallery came about, I would get turned down on multiple occasions by other major art galleries. Most would try to charge me these outrageous fees that they knew I could not afford simply because I was a new and upcoming artist, knowing that it would discourage me from being apart of their establishments. Or they would just flat out ignore my requests or tell me my work was not up to par with what they wanted to show in their galleries. Vanderwood did not do any of these things. When I reached out about the grand opening for his gallery, he was eager to get me in and was happy to have my work apart of his establishment. This has led to other galleries opening their doors for my work, along with allowing me to build my portfolio since then which has been a huge push forward for my art career. Last but definitely not least would be Ariana Nicole. I have been following this amazing designer for some years now and have always been in awe of her expertise in the graphic design field, along with her style of designing. She has been a big influence this year for my design progress as well for the type of content we post here for our readers. She has even helped me with building my artist and business statements for jobs to go with my resumes which I am extremely grateful for. Many would not do this for a fellow artist out of fear of competition.

Thanks for reading everyone! See ya tomorrow for our next post!

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