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Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday as we begin the last couple of days for October! Can you believe we will be in November of this year in just two days or so? Time has been moving so fast!


To start the week off, we have a new article feature at The Girlfriend Lounge! As you may be able to tell this is one of my favorite blog sites to visit and contribute to right now! Every time I complete a new article for the site, I feel like I’m either having girl talk at my beauty shop, or brunch with wine and the girls at a local coffee shop or lounge with a nice city view behind us in the windows as people are walking by. This has been a great experience and has opened some doors for other women who may want to speak on different topics dealing with women and our struggles as a whole and just don’t have a platform or an outlet to do so. Check out my very own interview with Shavahn D. at the link below! Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts in our comment section below on our interview! Thanks for reading everyone!

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