#31DaysSheHeals – Day 2

Day 2: Today write about something from your past that you still hold on to until now.
A1: Something from my past that I still hold on to until now…..sigh….I am one of those type of people who does not like to talk about certain things that bother me. Even though I am very vocal when there is an issue with me, I tend to keep more serious matters swept under the rug to avoid controversy and an uproar about my life. Without going into details about anything specific, I think the main thing from my past that I still hold on to is the concept of fear. When I was younger, I would always find benefits of a doubt in things and people, not wanting to accept the truth if it was bad and something I did not like. I would often keep quiet in order to not make anyone look bad. I was more worried about appearances with the public, than truly getting the help that was needed….but not anymore. Those days are over.

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