4 Ways to Apply for Affiliate Marketing Programs

Greetings everyone! We are back again for another post of our Affiliate Marketing blog series today.
If this is your first time visiting our website, just to give a basic round up of this series, I (Keara Douglas, owner and founder of Delux Designs (DE), LLC) began a blog series back during the year of 2020 to give more information on Affiliate Marketing for creatives, business owners and entrepreneurs. Since then, the blog series has grown a whole lot to the point where I am preparing to do a full online course on this topic to help everyone begin their marketing careers and to begin using this type of marketing to grow their businesses and services online later on this summer for 2021.

With that being said, if you have missed any of our previous posts and would like to catch up, links have been included below for your reference. Just start with number one and they all build onto one another as you read through them. Don’t worry, if you click any of the links provided below it will open in a new tab in your browser so you don’t lose this page.

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Now that you’re all caught up, lets begin with today’s topic on how to apply for affiliate marketing programs.

There are 4 different ways you can apply to become an affiliate marketer for different companies or brands that you may have interest in or that may fit the content that you’re trying to promote and push online.

  1. Sign up through direct affiliate marketing program links.
  2. Reach out to brands and companies via social media messaging.
  3. Start pitching through email.
  4. Use affiliate marketing networks.

Signing up through direct affiliate marketing program links is really easy. You would start by deciding what products or services you would like to promote. Then move on to which companies or brands would be the best fit for you that offer those products or services of your interest. Next you would do a little research to see if they already have an affiliate program set up that you can sign up for online. Most of the time a link will be provided for signups at the bottom of a brand or company’s website, or you can simply do a google search with the brand or company’s name and the terms “affiliate marketing” in the Google search bar. Once you’ve found the one that you want to sign up for just begin filling out the form they may have set up and follow the directions they have in place and go from there. You should have a valid email address already in place to sign up as a majority of communication is going to be through email on whether or not the brand or company has accepted you into their program. A great direct affiliate marketing program to signup for would be through Pixistock and Styled Stock Society.

Social Media Messaging

In the event that you cannot find a link to a direct affiliate program for a company or brand that you have interest in promoting for, and nothing is coming up via Google searching, you may have luck reaching out to brands and companies via social media messaging. Me, personally, I have not tried this method before myself but I hear of some content creators that have had success here and have built some great and solid relationships with brands by going this route. Doesn’t hurt to try but be prepared for any communication to may have via social media media messaging to move over to email communications if things go well.

Email Pitching

If you can’t find a direct affiliate marketing program and social media messaging hasn’t worked, try email pitching. This has been a highly effective way to communicate with brands and companies when you have a desire to partner with them. Very professional and often times you’ll get a response quickly if you reach out. I have a course with Teachable where I teach aspiring marketers how to pitch via email and I provide free templates for you to use as a guide with email pitching. Check it out here if you’re interested in joining this informational course along with obtaining that free template to get you started.


Affiliate marketing networks are a great way to signup for affiliate marketing for a company or brand. These are websites that include hundreds and sometimes thousands of brands and companies that offer affiliate marketing opportunities for creatives and entrepreneurs to sign up for. Another great perk here is that you can sign up for multiple companies at a time, you’re provided with continuous up to date graphics to use on social media and your website or blog sites, all promotional text and offers are in one place and organized, and your payment information is all in one place and paid out consistently. I use affiliate marketing networks all the time and have found them more easier than any other method of signing up for affiliate marketing programs. An example here would be Rakuten Marketing and FlexOffers.

These are the best ways to signup for affiliate marketing that I know of from experience but if you have any additional methods that you would like to add to the list for others to know about, feel free to comment below in the comment section with your suggestions.

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