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9 Days of Positive Affirmations with Minimal Capsule – Day 3

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Today is day three of the 9 days of positive affirmations with our affiliate partner Minimal Capsule. If you missed day two, you can click here to catch up with what we covered yesterday on gratitude. If you’re going along with this interactive blog segment, tag us on instagram by using @deluxds or by hashtag #BloggingwithDE.

Day 3

Day three of the 9 days of positive affirmations is about cultivating positivity.

Cultivating positivity is very important for all aspects of life whether it be running your own business, taking care of your family or just simply being alive. Wiring your brain to always think positive can change your life for the better if it is done correctly. One way I have managed to re-wire my brain to think more positive is by not only using gratitude that we spoke about yesterday but anytime I think of anything negative I try to think of the good in that particular situation. For example, if my car breaks down that the negativity itself. I’m car-less and will have difficulties getting from point A to point B when I need to. Instead of me looking at that as a hassle, I remind myself that we are no longer in the 50s or 60s and there are more public transportation options out there than there once were. I can always Uber or Lyft if it is available in my area and I have the funds for it. I would also keep in mind that just because my car is broken doesn’t mean I don’t have one. I would remind myself to be grateful that I have transportation period and this is only a minor setback that can be changed. Anything that can be changed should always be a way of thinking positive at all times.

Your environment and the people you’re around on a daily basis can determine how well you think positive or not too. If I know certain people are always arguing or fussing or fighting on a regular basis, I will limit my availability to them. Keeping people around who bring joy and understanding, along with positive actions and thoughts makes a huge difference overall in your spirit and in your daily activities.

What are your methods of gratitude? What do you plan to do more of for 2019 to show more gratitude? Leave your thoughts and plans below in our comment section with the methods you take now and plan to take in the future.

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