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9 Days of Positive Affirmations with Minimal Capsule – Day 7

Minimal Capsule

Today is day seven of the 9 days of positive affirmations with our affiliate partner Minimal Capsule. If you missed day six, you can click here to catch up with what we covered yesterday on your circle of influence. If you’re going along with this interactive blog segment, tag us on instagram by using @deluxds or by hashtag #BloggingwithDE.

Day 7

Day seven of the 9 days of positive affirmations is about detaching.

Most people think of detaching as something bad or negative when in reality it is not all bad. What I believe is more negative and bad is to not detach when you can clearly see it is needed. Detachment is sort of related to our topic on decluttering your space. If you don’t detach from the things that create problems in your life, people that create problems for you, or problems in your mind then they will continue to feed off of you. What I mean by feed off of you is that your negative mindset will begin to grow bigger and bigger rather than improving for the long term.

Ways I detach from time to time are through traveling. You can check out my explorations over the last couple years through our travel segment #DEArTour. Traveling gives me a way to take myself away from my normal routines, away from the same faces and smiles I see on a regular, while also putting my thoughts and mind in another area for a better change.

What are your methods of gratitude? What do you plan to do more of for 2019 to show more gratitude? Leave your thoughts and plans below in our comment section with the methods you take now and plan to take in the future.

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