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Big Announcement!

We are now affiliated with Amazon!

Amazon is one of the leading retailers online right now and Delux Designs (DE), LLC and DeluxHair are now in partnership with the consistently growing brand and business! We are very excited about this as we have worked with Amazon in the past if you can remember our first community service book project for Education Expo. So we know a little about them and how they operate, and have a first-hand experience of what to expect from our new partner!

Be on the lookout for more deals and items from Amazon being included in our blog posts, along with our social media posts on instagram and twitter! Check out more information about Amazon at the link below!

About Amazon

Selling Services Prime Membership

Affiliate links have been included in this post in which Delux Designs (DE), LLC receives a commission from any sales made through this post. We assure you, the products featured through DE from product reviews are products that we recommend based off of our own personal experiences from using them.


If you are interested in partnering with Delux Designs (DE), LLC through our site affiliation program, email us at deluxds@yahoo.com with the subject header “Affiliation Program” for more information on signing up. More information on site affiliations can be found here, along with a list of our current partnerships.
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