Becoming an Art Mom

Hello everyone! I can’t even believe I’m writing this blog post right now. Things have been moving so fast in my life this year everything has just become so overwhelming I haven’t even been able to keep up with blog posts and some design orders. It has been crazy my way. But I wanted to give everyone an update as to the changes that are taking place that are beginning to affect my business and my blog right now.

Yes, the news is true, I am having a baby!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, Twitter or even Facebook then you already know this. But if you aren’t then yes I am currently pregnant, going on 4 months now and counting. I’m not going to sugar coat anything in this post nor any of my following posts after this because having a child is not easy and I’m not going to act like things are completely clean and smooth sailing in my life because they are not. Of course, I am happy about being able to bar a new life but there has already been so much that has come with this journey already on a negative side that I felt like it was a need to speak on it. I have an amazing support group helping with so much on my end but as you already know from my past I often use writing as a healing mechanism and technique to bring peace in my life and of course this won’t be any different.

On a better note, with my pregnancy means a lot more new content is coming pertaining to motherhood and art which I am excited about sharing and engaging with you all on so stay tuned for all of this over the next couple weeks moving into the new year of 2020. Thanks for your support everyone I really appreciate it!


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