DE at Michaels MakerPlace Storefront

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

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We have some exiciting news!

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

Delux Designs (DE), LLC now has it’s own storefront on the Michaels Arts and Crafts new e-commerce platform Michaels MakerPlace! This is so exciting because we have been steady and continuously growing with this long time and trusted arts and crafts store for years now. From just purchasing supplies from them to get our art projects and creative orders going and completed, to becoming an affiliate partner of the company, to now being able to say we are reallly at Michaels.com selling our creations to the public. This is amazing and we could not be more excited to get our items up for sale as soon as possible for everyone.

What’s Planned:

So far we plan to add in solely our crafts to our MakerPlace storefront to start off. This platform is still in Beta mode so many tests are still being done on Michael’s part. So with that knowledge we are slowly adding in products to get a feel for our new space. Does this mean you can still come to our website and order items you may like? Yes, any products that are solely for sale via Michaels will be available for sale on our website through a redirect link. You don’t have to do anything additional for this and no additional charges will be applied.

Our prices will stay the same as before, just on a different platform.

If you’re following me on TikTok then you already know about my ordeal with Etsy previously that forced me to remove our products and items from their platform abruptly and immediately. If you haven’t heard, feel free to view my video below that went on into a full blown rant series on the problems I had as a Etsy Seller.

@deluxds Like for part 2! #etsystrike #etsyseller #etsy ♬ Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

Since the whole ordeal, I was actively looking for a set e-commerce site to sell my custom made products on that also has a steady customer stream similar Etsy’s. Even with Etsy’s poor service, they honestly have a very strong customer base over there which I miss but it was more of a headache than it was worth staying with them unfortunately. With us being approved for MakerPlace, however, I’m hoping this platform will be 10 times better with overall service and traffic for sales since Michaels Arts and Crafts has been around way longer than Etsy and most crafters shop from them naturally already.

Feel free to click the banner below to check out what we have for sale right now and please know that more items are being added in the following days with new and old products we currently have available for this year’s upcoming holiday season!

Are you a Michaels MakerPlace creative?
If so, leave a link to your storefront in the comment section below.

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