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#DEArtMom – Bentley 6-in-1 Stroller Trike Review

Hello everyone and welcome to #DEArtMom, the motherhood and parenting segment of Delux Designs (DE), LLC! Here we talk about all things dealing with parenting, childcare, and family. For today’s post we are highlighting a very special brand that has gifted my daughter with her very first tricycle that we now know as Bentley Trikes!!

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

We recently received a very special gift directly from Bentley Trikes!
This was my first time working with this particular company but of course I knew well who Bentley was so I was excited that they reached out directly to me for a partnership and wanted to include my daughter as well. for a family oriented campaign.

It took no time for the actual package to make it to our home, which you can check out a clip from the actual delivery here. Everything was packaged perfectly and the instructions to put it together were very simple and straight forward. I was worried that it would be complicated to put together as I’m not big on heavy machinery and tools but Bentley Trikes gave full detailed instructions with visuals to follow along with. Final results are shown above, isn’t she beautiful?

Overall we give our new 6-in-1 Bentley Stroller Trike 5 stars! My active toddler loves it so now it rides with us everywhere! We’ve only experienced the main stroller part of it as she’s not old enough to fully grasp the actual tricycle yet but it’s helping her to learn how to pedal which is a great start towards her learning how to ride an actual bicycle in the future. It functions well and it’s easy to maneuver. The canopy that comes with it can be taken off if needed so on this one trip out we didn’t use it as it wasn’t as sunny or as hot as normal, but on another it came in handy to help keep my baby girl cool and shaded.

For this 6-in-1 stroller trike it did come with a bag attachment, a wagon bag feature, and a cup holder. The bag attachment was perfect for dropping my keys and phone in so I could enjoy the great outdoors with my kid while she enjoyed her new tricycle stroller. The wagon feature at the back of the stroller came in handy for storing water bottles and a couple snacks while we were out. The only thing is I wish the back wagon bag was insulated so we could carry hot or cold foods or beverages but overall it’s a great feature to have. Last but not least is the cup holder feature which is my favorite. When my kid got thirsty I just took the water bottle out of it and handed it to her and then once she was finished I put the bottle back into the holder. Very easy access.

This 6-in-1 Bentley Trike Stroller comes in many colors including the Dragon Red one that we have and is available at Just for reading today, you can enjoy a discount on us for anything listed on Bentley Trikes website by using our promo code: KDOUGDE today!

Thanks for reading everyone, we appreciate your support and will be back with more posts from #DEArtMom soon!

Do you have a Bentley Trike of your own for your child or children? Did you like or dislike it?
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