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#DEArtMom – Mommy & Me Black History Outfits

Greetings everyone and welcome back to the Motherhood and Parenting segment #DEArtMom founded by Delux Designs (DE), LLC! If this is your first time visiting this part of the DE brand, we discuss a number of different topics pertaining to parenting specifically motherhood here from deals and discounts to parent and family related product reviews.

Today’s post is a Mommy Review of two items from the Black History Month Collection of our affiliate partner Target.

First thing’s first, let me just say that Target did a really good job with their Black History Month Collection and presentation this year. I first walked into Target in my local area and the first thing I saw was the BHM Collection during the end of January and decided to purchase a couple things for me and my daughter. Not only was the store display clean and professional but they went a step further this year with giving credit back to the creators of each product and merchandise apart of the collection. Each item had the photo and a social media account link on the item tags so we as customers were able to follow and show additional support for each artists’ crafts which I thought was an amazing way to show support directly and give credit to the designers of the clothing and merchandise by a big brand.

There were a lot of great items to pick from but the two that caught my attention the most that I ended up purchasing were the light blue Black History Month Toddler Girls’ Flower Girl Sweatshirt designed by @kenzistudioco and the green Black History Month Women’s We Are The Future Graphic Sweatshirt designed by @blumood.

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