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#DEArtMom – Pampers Product Review

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Pampers is one of the most recommended diaper brands that I know of and was informed of during my pregnancy. Of course, I had already known about them and have seen the brand pretty much everywhere since I was a child. For today’s product review I will be reviewing my experience with the diaper brand as a new mom.

For me personally, I was excited about trying Pampers Diapers since many have recommended it and I always see it everywhere, especially in my favorite store to shop Target. But I have soon learned that this brand is not the best for me and my little one when it comes to a reliable diaper. This is not a flat out negative review, just my review based on my individual experience with my own child. Some may disagree as what may or may not work for me, may or may not work for another so just keep that in mind while reading.

The first collection I tried from the brand was the Pampers Swaddlers line. They were priced at $25.49 USD at Target for a total of 84 diapers in a box. They worked pretty good. I received a lot of them from my online virtual baby shower and soon bought my own at Target to go with the ones I received so I wouldn’t run into the issue of running out of diapers or having to visit stores so much once my little one was born and I fresh out of the hospital. At first I thought that swaddlers were the same as newborn diapers but they’re not, they are a little smaller in size which worked perfect for me and my little one since she was smaller in size when born. They did not leak at all and I had no issues with this line particularly but as you know kids don’t stay small long so I didn’t use them for a long time before moving on up into the newborn sized diapers in which I began to use the Pampers Pure Protection line.

Now, this is where things began to get a bit tricky.
Of course, we all know newborn babies begin to poop and pee a lot and we constantly have to change them all the time in order to keep them dry and clean, and to prevent infections and rashes. But with this line I felt like I had to change them out way too much and way too often. The Pure Protection line cost $9.99 USD for a box of 32 diapers in total. That is a little cheaper than the Swaddlers line so that was a good thing for me. We all want to save when we have a kids to worry about. But my newborn would fill them up so fast I felt like I was spending more on this particular brand line than the Swaddlers. Another problem came up was leaks. A lot of leaks. Especially at night. I would have to get up at least four times throughout the night and keep changing my baby to prevent leaks which I just did not think was right so once my baby began to gain weight and hit the three month age mark, I moved on to the size 1 of the Pure Protection thinking this would help with the leaks and changing so much but this didn’t help. Leaks actually got worse until I moved to another brand all together.

From my short experience with the Pampers diapers I think the main issue with them is the fact that they do not absorb as good as other brands. I will have more reviews up for the other brands of diapers that I used, but in short Pampers does not have a great absorbency for me compared to other brands. Again, what may not work for me, may work for others this is just on my experience. Having to change them so often showed me that this brand does not focus on keeping dry. Now I did see the Pampers Baby Dry line in which I have not tried so there may be more luck there. But after my experience with the first two I didn’t want to waste any more money on them and they disappoint me as well so I moved on to another brand of diapers all together. I’ll have a complete review on the next diaper brand I tried out soon.

Now my experience with Pampers Baby Wipes has been the complete opposite for me. I love them. First one I began with are the Pampers Sensitive Wipes. They worked wonderfully. I was afraid of my kid having an allergic reaction to certain wipes so I began with wipes that were for sensitive skin and these worked perfectly. I didn’t have to use many of them at all to make sure the area was clean and there was enough liquid in the wipes each cleaning period. Nobody likes dry baby wipes. The price of them aren’t that bad either, only paid $16.99 USD at Target for 392 wipes which is 7 packs in total, but with Covid-19 they were very hard to find daily. Luckily I was given a lot of the sample packs during my virtual baby shower but after I used all of those it became hard to find them so I ended up having to move on to the Pampers Aqua Pure Wipes. These were great as well. Very consistent and I didn’t have to use a lot of them. Only thing is they were a little more expensive than the Sensitive Wipes but they were worth it.

Overall, I like the Pampers Wipes but not the Pampers Diapers.
Stay tuned for more reviews on other diapers brands soon.
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Have you tried Pampers Diapers or Pampers Wipes?
What was your experience? Did you like them or dislike them? If you didn’t like them, why and did you find a solution to your problem with them? Leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section at the bottom of this blog post.

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