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#DEArtMom – Up&Up Prenatal Vitamin Dietary Supplement Tablet Product Review

Greetings everyone! So I am here with our next product review for Delux Designs (DE), LLC brand new blogging segment for parenting, #DEArtMom!

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For this upcoming review, we are focusing in on the Up&Up Prenatal Vitamin Dietary Supplement Tablets from our affiliate partner Target.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was immediately told to begin taking a daily prenatal vitamin of my choice as long as it had the correct amount of folic acid in it and didn’t pose a threat or anything bad towards my own health or my growing seed. At first I tried the most expensive tablets I could find under the impression that the more the tablets cost the better they worked. That turned out to be false in my case. I want to point out that I am not a doctor or anything like that and what works for me may not work for anyone else. I am just speaking on my own personal experience and personal point of view while on my own pregnancy journey, take it as you will. With the more expensive brands I became even more sick as I mentioned I had terrible morning sickness in the first trimester with my previous blog post a couple weeks ago. Everytime I would take the vitamin I would immediately throw up whatever I ate before I took it. I thought that was normal at first, but decided to switch the routine a bit after weeks of it not getting any better. I would take the vitamin and then eat, but still vomit a lot. After a while I took it upon myself to step out on faith and try Target’s store brand of Up&Up Prenatal Vitamins.

Before I began taking Up&Up I made sure to search the internet for more reviews on it and didn’t find anything bad about them. My next step was consulting my doctor in which I showed her the pill bottle and which brand I was going with and she approved of them. Ever since then I have not had any problems with vomiting while taking them and I even had more energy along my pregnancy journey if I took them on a regular basis every morning of every day of every week. My nails and hair have become so much longer and thicker from these vitamins. Even right now after the birth of my first born I still take them and have been doing wonderful.

Have you taken this brand of prenatals before? What are your thoughts on them? If not, what was your prenatal vitamin of choice while pregnant? Did you have problems with certain vitamin brands making you sick? Leave your thoughts and comments below in our comment section at the bottom of this post.

Up&Up™ Prenatal Vitamin Dietary Supplement Tablets from Target

Disclaimer: All pregnancies are not the same and everyone doesn’t go through the same things. My pregnancy experience is not the same as anyone else’s. The views and statements made through #DEArtMom blog segment of Delux Designs (DE), LLC does not reflect the experiences and views of other women whom are or have been pregnant before. The statements and posts of this blog segment are not a reflection of any licensed physicians or doctors and should not be attempted or duplicated by anyone that is currently pregnant or trying to become pregnant. Always consult with your own physician or doctor before taking any medications or trying any pregnancy practices found online.

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