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#DEArTour – Covid19 Testing and United Airlines

With everything that has happened around the world in regards to the global health pandemic Coronavirus, or what we now refer to as Covid-19, there is now some hope at the end of this long and exhausting tunnel of uncertainty. Travel was the hardest hit from Covid-19 over the last year. Specifically traveling for art shows and exhibitions in which a majority of us creatives here depended on as a source of income and networking for our careers. We are just now bouncing back from it slightly and seeing some progress being made towards a normal life again, but we still have a long road to go in staying safe towards a more healthier lifestyle. With that being said, one of our affiliate partners has started a great program that we can all use in the fight against Covid-19 as creatives who really want to get back out there and travel again for our artwork and designs.

United Airlines Offers Big Buyouts to Flight Attendants | Time
Photography provided by Time

Our affiliate partner United Airlines has now made it even more easier for travelers and aspiring travelers to get tested for Covid-19 as you plan your next upcoming trips with friends, family and even for your creative endeavors career wise.

United Airlines has started a program and app called the Travel Ready Center where you can now:

  • Get up to date travel restrictions
  • View Covid-19 Testing requirements
  • Schedule a Covid-19 test
  • Upload your Covid-19 test results

If you decide to fly with United Airlines, you have this great travel perk and resource right in the palms of your hands with their convenient app. From the app you can easily access this important information plus more.

How it works:

  1. Book your Flight through United Airlines
  2. Review Your Requirements
  3. Complete Your Requirements
  4. Travel Safely

Easy right?
Try it out today by downloading the app here.

Have you tried Travel Ready Center app before? How did you like it or dislike it, & why?
Leave your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of this post.

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