DEArTour – Mint Museum Randolph of Charlotte, NC

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

We are back again for another #DEArTour post!
For this trip, we decided to visit Charlotte, North Carolina and check out the Mint Museum Randolph. I have visited the main Mint Museum in Uptown Charlotte on multiple occasions in the past, but the one on Randolph was a first for me. This visit unlike others was on a day where my own personal creative juices just were not flowing for me at all. I did not feel inspired to create or anything. When I’m having days like this, I typically get outside and find art somewhere, especially places and galleries that I have never been before. Sometimes I will opt for an art gallery, other times it’s full blown traveling to another area to see art.

Light The Barricades by Candy Chang and James A. Reeves | Photography by Keara Douglas

The first thing I love about the Mint Museum Randolph in Charlotte, NC is their pandemic protocols they have in place. This is a great place to visit as a family. There was a lot of space enough for social distancing, they have a mask mandate, they have working and available hand sanitizer stations on site, and a means of entertainment outdoors. The first art piece we were able to view was the public art installation titled Light The Barricades by Candy Chang and James A. Reeves that was located outside. What makes it a favorite is that this was the feeling I had for my lack of inspiration and the whole reasoning of visiting the gallery in the first place. It’s almost as though I picked the most perfect place to regain my art flow again.

Once we were inside, we were greeted by the gallery employees.
They were really nice and gave us a free mini art kit for visiting.

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

First thing I done once we were all checked in and got our pass to enter the gallery fully was visit the gift shop. Most will do this at the end of an art museum or gallery visit but for me, typically, when I visit art galleries or art museums that are hosting art exhibitions, I go ahead and check out the gift shops first. That gives me an idea of what type of artwork I would see throughout either the exhibition or gallery show. Of course, most of the time I will find something that I want and purchase in which this visit I bought Jacqueline Woodson novel Brown Girl Dreaming.

Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson | Photography provided by @K_DougDE
Photography provided by Keara Douglas

Once we made our way into the gallery, first artwork that catches my eye are some ceramic and porcelain art pieces. If you’ve been a subscriber here at Delux Designs (DE), LLC for a while then you know we often take part in ceramic based creations so this was perfect for some inspiration on new art pieces and products for our shop. They reminded me of that fine china our grandparents would have just sitting as decoration back in the day. After that were many sculptures, mainly head and shoulder portraits and then others were full body art pieces, and vases.

Beloved (Roaring Deer) created by Beth Cavener | Photography by Keara Douglas

One piece that I really, really liked was the Beloved (Roaring Deer) sculpture by Beth Cavener. With me being from a more country ar, I really like deers. The size of it is great, very unique art.

It Takes a Village

My favorite part of the entire exhibition was the It Takes a Village collection by BlkMrktCLT.

It Takes a Village collection by BlkMrktCLT. | Photography provided by Keara Douglas

Overall my visit to the Mint Museum Randolph was pretty dope.
I gained a lot of ideas and inspiration from this visit. If you’re in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and would like to visit the Mint click here for more information. This would be the perfect outing option for families, or a quiet day date option.

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

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