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img_4596Photography provided by @K_DougDE

This summer has been one of the most memorable summers I have had travel wise in awhile. From spending time with family and friends, to even taking memorable trips around the United States. One of my first trips of the summer was to the West Coast of the United States. Specifically to the state of Arizona.

My trip to Arizona was great overall. I was able to visit and spend time with family and friends whom I had not seen since I was a child so I was really happy about that for starters. The food was AMAZING! I think I ate every hour while visiting the beautiful desert. Of course, it was hot. Really hot. 100 degree temperatures my entire visit.

img_4597Photography provided by @K_DougDE

I was able to do some sightseeing, art wise while visiting Arizona. The art pieces I was able to enjoy included a gallery collection apart of the Talking Sticks Resort Culture Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Talking Sticks is a very well known resort of Arizona. Very expensive as well. For entertainment, the resort includes a casino area which is the main attraction for tourists. Along with gambling freedom, the resort includes a huge golf course for golfers, multiple spa areas, an arena for live performers, and multiple lounges, bars and clubs for late night entertainment. The term resort should speak for itself. There are hundreds of accommodations for overnight guests that include many great amenities for vacation stays.


All of the artwork that I was able to enjoy viewing in Talking Sticks Cultural Center were commissioned by Native American artists. The first art piece of the gallery collection was a mixed media watercolor painting from artist Whitney Grey titled, Rainman.

Second collection of paintings apart of the gallery included works from Eric Bacon including the three part series acrylic painting titled, Eagle’s Eye. This is one of my favorite parts of the entire gallery collection overall.


The  first thing I noticed were the eyes apart of all three paintings before I even read the name of the piece. I love how the background of each painting are abstract but the eyes themselves are realistic, like human eyeballs. The one on the left seemed more of a angry eye to me from first glance. The painting in the middle seems more like a relaxed and chill eye with more happiness to it. The eye expression on the right is more of a sneaky eye ball with a slight smirk or clever smile to it.

Remaining paintings in the gallery collection I enjoyed, included paintings from Native American artist and painter Richard Castaneda shown below.


Gallery image of this property

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