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Photography provided by @K_DougDE

This past week, I had the opportunity to visit St. Petersburg Beach in Florida.
This was my first time visiting this part of Florida but I had already heard great things about this area and was recommended to visit for an annual family vacation for my daughter’s birthday.

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

The resort I decided to go with for our accommodations was Hotel Zamora.
I really liked what I seen online as far as their reviews, along with their social media pages and the type of people they involved in their posts. I wanted something that showed clearly that everyone was welcomed no matter the gender, sexual orientation, and/or race and background and Hotel Zamora fit that perfectly. It was also important that the accommodation that I chose was kid friendly as well & on the beach if not very close to being on the beach.

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First thing I want to touch on when it comes to my trip and Hotel Zamora is the booking process. Our affiliate partner Booking.com made it 100% easy and quick to book this stay. I logged into my account, which you can set up yours today here, and searched for hotels in St. Petersburg, Florida. Hotel Zamora was like the second or third one to pop up and I ended up choosing it because the first two above it had some pretty bad reviews and just didn’t fit with being kid friendly enough for me. One of them also did not show enough where everyone was welcomed, they just had one set group of people on their social media pages which made me uncomfortable to book with them in this day and age of a push for equality everywhere in the United States. Once I made my decision to book with Hotel Zamora, I went on to look at the reviews for it right on the Booking.com site which was really convenient. Next I proceeded to book for the dates of my choice. Great thing and the most attracting thing about Booking.com is that I was able to reserve our room stay without having to pay anything upfront at all. As long as I placed a debit or credit card on file, I was never charged anything before we began our stay at the resort. Once we arrived at Hotel Zamora, they verified my information at the front desk by using my Identification Card which made our check in process extremely fast. I had already entered our information into the Booking.com system from home upon booking so there was no need in searching for available rooms and what not once we got there. Once my information was verified, we received our room keys and proceeded to our room. Very easy and quick check in, I love Booking.com for that and highly recommend them if you’re planning any vacations right now.

Another thing that made our check in very quick was the valet drivers.
This was a valet parking property only, no self parking, so that was a huge help, along with helping us to unload our vehicle to bring to our room. Without the valet drivers, I don’t think we would have ever got all of our stuff out of our vehicle in a timely manner, if at all. With the self-parking I think that helped a lot with keeping traffic down in and out of the resort and made sure the parking area was safe. Whenever we had a question about anything on the property, the valet drivers really helped us out with providing us knowledge on pretty much everything including attractions and landmarks around the area. I credit the valets for making our stay more easygoing.

Once checked in, we arrived in our room and it was beautiful.
Very clean and the orange color was a beautiful touch. We had a huge bathroom with a beautiful walk in waterfall shower, and the toilet area was separated from the main bathroom with it’s own door. This made our bathroom use better. If someone had to use the toilet they could go into the toilet area room and close the door while someone else could use the main bathroom area with the sink and shower. Very smart design setup and time saver in the mornings.

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

We had a balcony apart of our room which was very peaceful, even included a light and fan outside on the ceiling of the balcony as well. One thing I did not like about the balcony was the view. We could slightly see the ocean but we mainly seen the main road in front of the hotel and the beach houses across the street. Along with the main road was the construction that was going on that was a big distraction from the ocean view. Overall the balcony was the most peaceful place of the room. Even with the cars going by it wasn’t too loud and there wasn’t any sirens or loud sounds too much once the construction workers were done after each day of work. There weren’t a lot of people yelling or being loud or anything like that, just really peaceful overall.

Our stay with Hotel Zamora in St. Petersburg, Florida I would say was a 5 star stay.
We enjoyed ourselves and had a great time. There was a rooftop nightclub/lounge, poolside bar, spa and restaurant in the hotel but we didn’t get to touch on those things as we were focused on enjoying the attractions in the area for my daughter’s birthday. Hopefully we can visit again and enjoy them soon! If you are looking for a great and relaxing place to stay at in St. Petersburg Beach, we recommend booking with Hotel Zamora today at the link provided below, you won’t be disappointed!

Book Here

Have you ever stayed at Hotel Zamora? Did you like or dislike your stay and why?
Leave your thoughts & comments in the comment section at the bottom of this post.


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