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I am back again with another product review from one of my favorite hair care lines that I have used for some time now, including when I had relaxed hair.

The products that I purchased from Creme of Nature Argan Oil line includes the 7 in 1 Leave In Hair Treatment, Foaming Wrap Lotion, Intense Conditioning Treatment, Strength & Shine Leave In Conditioning Spray, Sulfate Free Moisture and Shine Shampoo, Oil Moisturizer and the Perfect Edges Controller. For the style of choice, I chose a half up-do starting with a two strand twist out. All products weren’t  used though for this style, the ones that I say to side on this review were the foaming wrap lotion, oil moisturizer and the perfect edges controller.

Steps to Achieving Half Up-Do Style

  1. I started off by washing my hair with the sulfate free moisture and shine shampoo. It smells really good, one the main reasons why I have been so attached to this line ever since I first began using it while transitioning for the first time around. This is the only product that I have purchased that states on its bottle that it is in fact sulfate free, but doesn’t tangle and dry out my hair once I have washed it. It cleanses my scalp thoroughly without any type of dirty product build up left over. Read about my previous post on how some sulfate shampoos do not help my hair specifically at this link as well.
  2. My second step was to condition my hair with the Intense Conditioning Treatment by leaving it on my hair with a plastic cap for about 10-15 minutes. I sometimes leave it on longer for a deeper conditioning treatment, especially if any damage has been done over time between washes.
  3. Once I complete washed and conditioned my hair, I then sprayed the 7 in 1 Leave In Hair Treatment on to detangle with my wide tooth comb. After I detangled my hair, I then placed it into six different sections. With my hair having a 4C and 4A curl pattern, it is very thick. Adding in the fact that I have not had heat in my hair since August of 2016, it makes it very hard to keep untangled unless I work with it being in six sections. When it was shorter, I would do eight sections so I am hoping once it gets longer in the future, I can drop those sections down to four and maybe even just two.
  4. Next step included spraying all six sections with the Shine Leave In Conditioning Spray. While going from section to section, I created medium sized two strand twists all throughout one side of my head. On the opposite side, I created two strand twists first, then twisted those in an upward motion as flat twists, and pinned them in place with bobby pins.
  5. When it comes to my ends, I left them out and just twisted the very tips around my finger in a circular motion so they would slightly curl on their own, but sometimes I use the Bantu Knot Out technique on each twist so they’ll be more defined. Check out the mini clip below of an example of how my tips were left before my satin bonnet was placed over them overnight.

  6. That next morning, I untwisted each strand carefully not to cause any frizz, but left the pinned part twisted and left it pinned up. The strands were also still twisted towards my scalp closer towards my side part to keep its definition.
  7. For my edges, I decided to stick with my Eco-Styler Gel with Olive Oil, instead of the perfect edgers controller included with the set. I like this particular edge controller but with my hair type and the humidity of the summer, the gel worked better for me. The great thing about this particular product line’s edge control options is that they have the Perfect Edges On-The-Go Controller that you can take with you in your purse which I think is great for the summertime heat when you’re at events.
  8. To preserve it overnight, I just put a bonnet over it and it was still fresh the next morning. After about three days, I re-twisted it overnight again but using the oil moisturizer on dry hair this time, and it came out perfect again for the next day. The next go around though, I will probably use the Creamy Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion for this step though instead of just the oil moisturizer to limit product buildup over time which will make the stye last a little bit longer.

Natural Hair JourneyI hope this helped anyone out who are looking to try this particular product brand. This style is also great for the summer time, especially during cookout season!
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