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Flawless Hair by award winning actress Gabrielle Union, has been my addiction for these last couple of weeks. I have fallen in love with the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner more than my other products apart of my collection, and have even referred other natural ladies to use the brand new product line as well. But there is one thing I have found that is a con for the product line…..the price. The price of this line has been the biggest and most common compliant for Flawless Hair when I do refer potential customers to the line. Really, it has been the only complaint so far that I have received, which has pushed me to do more research on finding my readers, and even myself, better deals and ways to receive discounts with the brand. Check out some of the options shown below for your own reference when shopping again for Flawless Hair at any Ulta store near you:

  1. $5 Off Your Next Purchase through DeluxHair – We are now providing an exclusive coupon for you all to use on each purchase you make with Flawless Hair that guarantees $5 off each order. This coupon can only be redeemed through DeluxHair so make sure you hit the follow button on the right hand side of the screen to subscribe and receive all savings ahead of anyone else via email. To redeem your coupon for your next order, click the link shown below.
    Click here for $5 Off
  2. Rewards Program – Many do not know or have not been informed about Flawless Fans Rewards Program. Through this great program, you will receive rewards points based on your activity on the website and what all you purchase online. Once you complete a certain amount of activities online through the website including posting to social media and product reviews, your points turn into cash for you to use with Flawless Hair towards more great products to add to your collection.
    Click here to join the Flawless Fans Reward Program
  3. Sitewide Discount – Use coupon code STOCKUP for 50% off the entire Flawless Hair site on your first purchase. This offer can not be combined with any other offers.
  4. Free Shipping – When you order any products through Flawless Hair that are $40 and up, you will receive FREE shipping. This should offset those annoying shipping and handling fees that typically drive up totals for customers.
  5. Ulta Rewards – Signup to receive Ulta’s newsletter and they will automatically send you a $3.50 off coupon with every newsletter for you to use on any purchase as long as your purchase amount is $15 or more. The only place I have found Flawless Hair so far is at Ulta so this should come in handy when shopping in store vs doing your shopping online, although the code can be used with either purchasing option.

Now lets add up your savings……

For our first scenario, say you’re wanting to purchase the shampoo and conditioner, both totaling at $38.00 in all with both included before taxes. If you take advantage of #1 shown above, this would drop your total down to $33.00. Lets say you’ve racked up 50 points through Flawless Hair’s Rewards Program for example, well that gives you another $5 off with that additional coupon offer which leaves you with a total of $28 now from taking advantage of #2 shown above. Lets skip #3 for now, we will come back to that one in a few. You won’t qualify for #4 unless you add to your order so your total will be $40 or more for the free shipping, so lets skip that one as well. You also would not qualify for the Ulta Rewards as well if you’re using the Flawless Hair Rewards so that knocks out #5 as well leaving your total at just $28. This is the typical price for any other natural hair products saving you a total of $10 off your total transaction for just those two offers! Great deal for our first scenario!

Another scenario, say you’re wanting to purchase the shampoo, conditioner, and the hair repair masque adding an additional $29 to your order, setting your total to $67.00 in all for these three items. You have two different options here to think of first, would it be cheaper to purchase online or in store? Well in store you may catch a couple deals here and there if Ulta is doing in store specials which they do from time to time, but there is no guarantee of savings by doing so other than #5 shown above, the Ulta Rewards and that’s only $3.50 from $67….not much at all once you account for taxes and the gas to get there and back from the store if you live far enough away. You could possibly be looking at spending close to $100 from simply making the decision to purchase in store for the three products and no discounts. Not good. Your best bet would be to order your products online for any order of this price with this particular company. Anything over $50 often times qualifies for better discounts online vs in store. With that $67 total, and your decision to order online, you now have two options to go with for savings. You can go with #1, #2, and #4 where you will receive that $10 off again like the first scenario, plus the free shipping leaving you with a total of $57 in all. Or you can go with the second option of savings and just use #3, the site-wide discount where your entire order is now 50% off leaving you with a total of $33.50. Now your total may or may not go up with sales tax to where you may be able to qualify for #4 in the list for free shipping as well depending on what state you’re in while making the purchase online.

These are some of the best deals I have found so far for a great product line I encourage you all to take advantage of. The natural hair journey can get quite expensive if you get carried away purchasing many products at one time. I will be posting any additional discount deals for you to use if I find any in the future as well so be sure to subscribe today to our site. Be sure to follow us on all social media as well including twitter and instagram for additional discounts and deals. If Flawless Hair by Gabrielle Union is new to you, check out our previous Flawless Hair Product Review below for more information on the product line and to get a look at my hair results after using it! Thanks for reading everyone & happy shopping!

Flawless Hair Product Review

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