DeluxHair – There’s Nothing Better Than H2O: The Importance of Water while Natural

Most women go natural or decide to switch from having relaxed hair to allowing their natural hair state to show, underestimate the power of simple H2O. We are either stuck in our old ways or just flat out neglect the fact that our natural needs water. Not only do you need to be drinking your fair share of water daily, but your hair also needs water applied to it. I get many questions about my natural hair routine daily. The main one I always get is why other women’s hairstyles do not turn out the way they have planned or the way they have seen them either online or television. Most of the time it all comes down to whether or not they are not using enough water when styling.

I have found over the last three years, applying more water than product has been the turning point for curl definition and the overall health of my curls. In the beginning, I always assumed my curls needed more product and that’s why my styles would come out wrong or just off in some way. I was under the impression that in order to hydrate my curls, I needed product, when in reality, product doesn’t hydrate your hair at all. Oils and other butters and products lock in moisture. Moisture is water. At one point in time, I was not applying water before applying my products so I was not locking in anything but those products which led to me drying out my scalp and ends ultimately leading to breakage over time. I would apply and apply, causing my own product build up in a short amount of time and wasting money from excessive product use.

When I began the No Heat Challenge, that’s when I began cutting back on the product use and increased the water use. At first, I had a couple reasons that kept me on the whole wave of thinking that my hair needed more product:

  1. In my mind I was still trained for having relaxed hair. This is shown from me trying to keep my hair as straight as possible with excessive heat use as well that was mentioned before through the No Heat Challenge post.
  2. Back in the day when I was rocking relaxed hair, water was the absolute last thing I would dare put in or on my hair as it would cause my natural curls to show and ruin my straightened texture. I learned over time, for natural curls, you should be doing the complete opposite of those previous teachings.
  3. I believed applying more water to my hair would ruin my curl pattern and my styles wouldn’t come out right, when this was far from the truth in reality.
  4. I had a lack of knowledge on the basics of having naturally curly hair. I jumped in thinking my hair would just automatically curl if I did not apply heat or relaxers not realizing it takes a lot more than just those two simple routines.

After I got away from these reasonings, really excuses, I began to go about things differently for my hair. Check out a couple things I began doing to improve my water usage on my hair, along with a couple tips for you if you have a type 4 curl pattern below.


  1. One tip towards adding water to your hair routine is to invest in your very own spray water bottle just solely for the use of spraying your hair with water daily.
    Smooth Edges GIF by BustleImage provided by Giphy
  2. Water should be applied to your hair daily. Not every other day but daily if you’re not rocking a protective style weekly. I say this for natural hair ladies whom have a hair type of 4A, 4B or 4C specifically. Having any of the type 4 curl patterns, you are going to experience dryness a lot, including frizz and tangles which oftentimes result in knots on your ends. With a daily application of water you can control these issues that may come about.
  3. Replace adding more product when the feel of your hair isn’t to your liking while styling with adding more water.
  4. Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day.
  5. Eat fresh fruits daily. They are full of fresh water great for working magic for your curls from the inside out.

The water bottle that I use came from Target.
It is small and easy to use. Perfect size for traveling as well. Check it out below:

Teardrop Spray Bottle - 12oz - Up&Up™ - image 1 of 1

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