#DEMentalHealthMondays – Dating and Depression

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Dealing with depression can be tough for someone that is actively dating, especially during the year of 2019. Back in the day, you could go out about your day around town & run into your soulmate while grocery shopping or at the car wash during a nice & sunny day. Right now, many depend on social media however to find the love of their life due to being so busy with work and other responsibilities & the convenience of these type of sites & apps, so the dating scene has already been turned upside down as it is. You add in a mental disorder or illness & things can be quite tricky trying to get to know someone.

For me, being in my late twenties in age, dating has been tough but not completely horrible. Remember, we discussed my own issues with suffering from depression before, you can check out the previous article by clicking here if you haven’t already read about my past and the things I have had to deal with and have overcame. Once I realized what exactly was going on with me, I had a fear for a while that I could not date anyone at all. I felt like that potential guy I could possibly have my eyes on could see my problems and what I was dealing with and it would scare him off so I would attempt to counter that by often shutting new people out of my life. If I felt like, as a man or potential lover, if you got too close to me emotionally or mentally then I had to push you away so I wouldn’t hurt you as a person. I would also feel like my issues were just too much for someone to take in, and of course who wants to be a problem or a burden onto someone who already has it all together mentally and hasn’t dealt with this sort of thing before?

After I found out what exactly was going on through my therapy sessions, I began to do a lot of research on my condition and what all ties together through it. Some things I found were clearly not a professional opinion and some were, but overall through my research I found multiple ways to date and control my depressive states. But I also learned and found on from firsthand experience that there are men out here who don’t know how to handle or deal with a woman who suffers from depression but they have a desire to learn about what to do and what not to do in situations where the woman of their life is dealing with a mental disorder or illness.

Often times, a woman who is dealing with depression is labeled needy or out of control when in reality that’s not the case at all. Only men who have no desire to learn what a woman is about would place a label on her period. That’s a red flag alone for that particular woman to not even pursue something with that particular man. On other occasions, I’ve found that some men either don’t have the patience to learn about the women that they date which is also a sign that an actual relationship with these type of men would never last as well. The first step in dating a woman with depression, to me, would be to actually learn who your woman is. As a man you have to get to know your woman even through this social media era of dating that we are living through. Yes social media shows a lot about a person overall, many things that you wouldn’t know at all if it wasn’t for these websites and apps now being present in our day and age. But social media does not tell everything about someone no matter how close they may make you feel to that particular person. You still have to learn their love language, how they like for things to go, what makes them click and not overall.

From completing my research and from my own first-hand personal experience, I have written a new article with Medium that gives 15 Tips of Dating a Woman with Depression which could possibly help you to achieve a positive relationship with the woman of your dreams whom may be suffering from depression herself.
Check it out by clicking here.

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