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#DEMusicBlocks painted by @K_DougDE

#DEMusicBlocks are a new painting series where we create 8×8 inch and 4×6 inch illustrations depicting actual music artists in a variety of different music genres. These were started as a therapy and coping method for artist @K_DougDE, and have since turned into a complete painting series available for purchase to the public. Check out some of the paintings previously created below. For purchasing information if you’re interested in having any of them for your home or office decor, feel free to click on each image and it will take you to the ordering pages for each one courtesy of our newest affiliate Storenvy!




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Jazzy | 12×12 inch | Acrylic | Canvas Board

Preview Image

Summer Storm3

Summer Storm | 9×12 inch | Acrylic | Canvas Panel

Earth Love | 9×12 inch | Acrylic | Deep Canvas

Smile | 9×12 inch | Watercolor | Canvas Panel

Reese's Love.jpg

Reese’s Love | 18×24 inch | Acrylic | Canvas

First Lady | 18×24 inch | Acrylic | Canvas


Similar to our #DEMusicBlock collection, we also have a Music Listening Session Collection of paintings. These consist of mixed media paintings created by literally listening to music and just painting what is felt from the music. All are available for purchase, prices are listed under each painting and all transactions are done via Paypal directly from this page.

Normal Girl - Delux Designs (DE)

Normal Girl | 11×14 inch | Acrylic | Canvas Panel

Broken Clocks - Delux Designs (DE)

Broken Clocks | 11×14 inch | Mixed Media | Canvas Panel

Anti - Delux Designs (DE)

Anti | 9×12 inch | Mixed Media | Canvas Panel

Delux Designs (DE) - Tiller

Tiller | 10×10 inch | Mixed Media | Canvas

DNA - Delux Designs (DE)

DNA | 18×24 inch | Mixed Media | Canvas

Love Frames - Delux Designs (DE)

Love Frames | 9×12 inch | Mixed Media | Deep Canvas

Check out our newest blog posts for our paintings shown above.
In each blog post we break down the process of how each one was created, what materials were used and more background information as to why each one was created. Click each image shown to check them out and read more about the story of each painting.

Jazzy2 Summer Storm4 

Music Listening Series CollectionReese's Love Acrylic Painting


FP NY Lady Locs

Previous commission paintings created by @K_DougDE. All commission paintings are created upon request. Any featured here were previous requests from our clients in which they were custom created specifically for them. All commission paintings featured here in this section are not for sale and have already been sold.

If you would like to have a custom painting commissioned, email @K_DougDE at with the subject header “Commission”. Prices are set by the size of canvas or canvas panels available at the moment, which are shown above or your reference. When emailing about a commission be sure to indict which size artwork you are interested in having commissioned. Or you have a second option of ordering by just filling out the quick and easy  order form below.

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  1. I would always like to know how to draw, but alas, I am not able to, and for this reason, in front of those who have this great gift, I bow!

  2. I am such a huge fan of your work. I really love those painting you got there. You are seriously talented.

  3. Wow , these paintings are really powerful. I never heard about this therapy technique. Thank you for explaining. They convey strong message.

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