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‘Keisha’ Acrylic Painting

One of my favorite movies of all time is a classic film by the name of Belly. I’m not sure if this particular movie went mainstream, meaning being shown in theaters. I can’t recall a memory of seeing it being advertised for theaters or anything like that. The visuals of this film itself are what first caught my attention to it when I first watched it during my senior year of high school. From the beginning intro where rappers Nas and DMX are walking into the nightclub and black lights are used to change the colors of everything in the main entry to the club, to DMX’s house in pure white and black. I have always enjoyed the look of this film.


The main character that I love from Belly would be Keisha. She was tall, that pure dark skin, full lips and full hips. Drop dead gorgeous. Her character in the film is what inspired one of my newest acrylic paintings titled Keisha. The scene where Keisha was laying on the bed in a white lingerie set, with the blue and black undertones in the background shown below was my reference photo for this piece done on a 20×16 inch wrapped canvas.

Image result for belly the movie


The original Keisha painting has already sold as it was completed during #The100DayProject art challenge earlier this year. This one was featured during Day 4 of the challenge.
Printed merchandise are available featuring this custom painting by @K_DougDE! Click the link below to check out what all we have available for purchase!


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